Stefanie DUERR


Stefanie DUERR
PhD Candidate

PhD English Literature, University of Ottawa (2011-present)
MA, University of Ottawa (2010)
BA (Hons.) English, Mount Allison University (2006)

Room: ARTS 311

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Current Research

My dissertation, titled “Modernism and the Event: Lawrence, Lewis, and Agency,” is motivated by a question that haunts much of modernist critical work: what does it mean to have agency, particularly when modern subjects are often inadvertently complicit in and limited by the ways in which society is structured, commercially, socially, and politically? In pursuit of an answer to this question, I investigate critical and fictional works by D.H. Lawrence and Wyndham Lewis that provocatively articulate an “evental logic” that I adapt from aesthetic philosopher Alain Badiou: a logic that neither fatalistically accepts the state of the situation nor agrees that the individual is autonomously and wilfully capable of changing it. I argue that by reframing and critiquing their contemporaries’ understanding of the individual and of revolutionary action, Lawrence and Lewis develop a framework for a subjective position that reanimates effective agency in modernist literature.

Fields of Interest

Contemporary Literary Theory
Modern British Literature and Criticism

Scholarships and Awards

2020: Glenn Clever Scholarship (University of Ottawa)
2020: David Staines Award (University of Ottawa)
2019: David Staines Award (University of Ottawa)
2013-2016: Ontario Graduate Studies Scholarship
2009: Public Service Alliance of Canada Scholarship

Courses Taught

ENG1120: Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction (Winter 2017)
ENG1120: Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction (Winter 2015)

Fields of Interest

  • Early 20th century modernist criticism; continental philosophy and literary theory; D.H. Lawrence; Wyndham Lewis
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