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2012 – Ph.D., English Literature, University of Ottawa; 2001 – M.A., English Literature, University of Victoria; 1997 – B.F.A. Fine Arts & Art History, NSCAD University; 1996 – B.A. Honours, English, Theatre. Dalhousie University

Room: MHN 339

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Miles Tittle


As an interdisciplinary scholar with degrees in both literary and visual arts, I am exploring a range of topics with a view to intersections in three broad areas of academic inquiry:

  • The legacy of the medieval as interpreted through Victorian and Modernist literature and art.
  • The history of book arts and print culture in defining societal identities and genre evolution.
  • The role of graphic paratextuality in textual interpretation, design, and semiotics.

Expanding a philosophy of close textual reading and historical-biographical criticism helps encompass the relationship between a work’s physical public presence and its contemporary reception and criticism. Victorian Britain, with its unprecedented literate audience and use of the reproduced image, brought a fundamental shift in the flow of semiotic meanings (perhaps even equal to our current digital revolution), and offers a perfect arena in which to explore questions of textual and graphic rhetoric. As the Pre-Raphaelite and Arts and Crafts movements were in the vanguard of exploiting the illustrative, paratextual, and material aspects of literary works, much of my work focuses on their circles. My doctoral dissertation, “Pen and Printing-Block: William Morris and the Resurrection of Medieval Paratextuality,”supervised by Dr. David Staines, was defended in 2011.

University degrees

  • 2012 – Ph.D., English Literature, University of Ottawa
  • 2001 – M.A., English Literature, University of Victoria
  • 1997 – B.F.A. Fine Arts & Art History, NSCAD University
  • 1996 – B.A. Honours, English, Theatre. Dalhousie University

Fields of Interest

  • Nineteenth and twentieth-century English literature; emphasis on genre development.
  • Aesthetic theory: visual rhetoric and digital humanities.
  • Pre-Raphaelites and paratextual studies
  • Victorian/Edwardian children’s literature and publishing.
  • Literature and the visual arts; graphic narratives and print culture.


  • “Illuminating Divergences: Morris, Burne-Jones, and the TwoÆneids.” Rethinking Morris: Redesigning the Contemporary Archetype. Eds. Michelle Weinroth and Paul Leduc Browne. Montreal: McGill-Queen's U.P., forthcoming 2013.
  • “‘Inside... doesn't matter’: Responding to American Psycho and its Dantean Agenda.” Fear and Learning: Essays on the Pedagogy of Horror. Eds. Sean Moreland andAalya Ahmad. Jefferson: McFarland, forthcoming 2013.


  • Review of DOG, by Joseph Rosenblatt & Catherine Owen. Journal of Canadian Poetry 25 2010: 107-112.
  • Review of Henry Pepper, by Justin Lukyn. Journal of Canadian Poetry25 2010: 112-115.

Conference Papers

  •  “Last Illumination: the Meaning of William Morris’s Pre-Raphaelite Aeneid” presented at the William Morris: Radicalism and Aesthetics Symposium, Canadian Society for Aesthetics, 2010 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada. May 28-30, 2010 Concordia University, Montreal, QC
  • “‘Awakens Something Awful’: American Psycho, Dante, and the Poisoning of Society” presented at GSAÉD Interdisciplinary Conference: Toxicity. February 26, 2010 University of Ottawa, ON
  •  “Building a Sacred Alphabet: The Tarot of Eliot, Williams and Calvino” presented at the Third Annual Generative Anthropology Summer Conference: The Question of Transcendence: The Sacred, the Human and Modern Culture. June 19-21, 2009 University of Ottawa, ON
  • “Pre-Raphaelite Palimpsest: William Morris and the Reconfiguring of Medieval England” presented at the Fourth Annual University of Ottawa English Department Graduate Conference: Exhumations and the Revisiting of the Past.  June12-13, 2009 University of Ottawa, ON
  •  “Manifold Sources: P. Craig Russell’s Comic Adaptation ofSalome” presented at Continuities and Innovations: Popular Print CulturesPast and Present, Local and Global Conference. August 27-30, 2008 University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB


  • 2007-current  Part-time Professor, English Department, University of Ottawa
  • 2012-current Part-time Professor, English Department, Carleton University
  • 2006-7 Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Ottawa
  • 2005-06 Teaching Assistant, English Department, Dalhousie University

Courses Taught

University of Ottawa
    • ENG 2110 Children’s Literature
    • ENG 2136 Fiction of Horror
    • ENG 2131 Fantasy, Myth, & Language
    • ENG 2130 The Tradition of King Arthur
    • ENG 2120 Mystery Novel
    • ENG 1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry
    • ENG 1100 Workshop in Essay Writing
Carleton University
  • ENGL 2107 Science Fiction
  • ENGL 3702 American Culture
  • ENGL 1000 Literature, Genre, & Contex
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