Emma-Catherine WILSON


Emma-Catherine WILSON
EGSA Works-in-Progress Coordinator, EGSA Department Representative and MA Student



Emma-Catherine Wilson is pursuing her master’s degree in English with a specialization
in medieval and renaissance culture. Her thesis will explore how, despite near continual warfare,
there was in fact significant cultural transmission from France to England during the Hundred
Years' War which the English utilized to powerfully symbolic ends. Combining a codicological
and cultural study of manuscripts, she will investigate the degree to which English courtiers and
intellectuals of the period were consciously and purposefully enacting the celebrated medieval
topos of translatio studii et imperii (the transfer of knowledge and imperial power) through their
book culture and fraught intimacy with France. In this way, her work will expose England’s
bilingualism and immersion in Continental literary activity in the fourteenth and fifteenth
centuries, and thus resist the legend of the politics of nationhood and of an original,
autochthonous “Englishness.”

Scholarships and Distinctions

Valedictorian of the Faculty of Arts for the Graduating Class of 2020 at the University of Ottawa
Faculty Plaque in English and Award of Excellence 2020
Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (value: $17,500)
Ontario Graduate Scholarship (value $15,000) – awarded but declined
Kathryn MacNabb Lamensa Commemorative Scholarship, 2019 (value: $2,000)
Christa Zeller-Thomas Excellence in English Literature Prize, 2018 (value: $2,000)
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) funding (value: $1,000)
Glen Clever Merit Scholarship (value: $1,000)
Gaston Héon Merit Scholarship (value: $1,000)

Fields of Interest

  • Medieval and renaissance culture; cultural transmission; manuscript studies; book culture; bilingualism
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