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Publié le dimanche 9 octobre 2016

L'école des sciences de l'information vous invite à sa deuxième conversation de recherche du trimestre :

Titre: Vers une compréhension des origines geo-culturels de la musique country basée sur les données 

Une présentation par  Dr. Jada Watson (MSI, Ph.D.)

Date : 20 octobre 2016 

Heure : 12h00à13h30,

Local : Arts-MHN 509, 70 rue Laurier est

Affiche :


Since the 1950s, country music has conventionally (and stereotypically) been defined through a “southern thesis” that the genre emerged from the countryside and mountain hollows of the rural U.S. south. Recent studies contested this relationship, demonstrating the role that northern states and urban centres have played in shaping the genre’s sound and image. But the geo-­‐origins of the genre’s artists are often overlooked in this discussion. Drawing on methods of data-­‐based research in the humanities, this project will use data about the artists retrieved from the Billboard country songs chart (1944-­‐2015) to discover long-­‐term geographic trends in the genre and contribute to this ongoing discussion in country music studies.

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