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Dr. Marc Saner, Chair, GEG ENV

Our new Anthropocene program.

Effective May 2022, the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics is offering a new interdisciplinary concentration in ‘The Anthropocene’ as part of its MSc program. Students who choose this concentration will complete 6 graduate courses, and will do either a major research paper or two internships. ‘The Anthropocene’ is an alternative pathway to get your MSc. Admission requirements are the same as for the existing MSc program. Please contact the departmental graduate program director at for more information.


Climate Policy

We invite you to read our Climate Policy and our 2020-2021 Carbon Accounting Report 

Why study with us

Why Study With Us

Gain a holistic understanding of our world and how it works, from our cities and societies to our environment and earth.  Check out what makes us unique, and discover some of the benefits we have to offer!

Field Courses

Field Courses

“…A program highlight would’ve been the Glaciology field course to Patagonia. This trip to Southern Patagonia was inspiring on many levels - it allowed us to collect sample data, experience a new and exciting culture, and have our minds blown by the otherworldly landscapes…”



“…Not only did the courses impact my decision to pursue a career in geography but so did the professors as they established a welcoming environment to learn and succeed...”

Our Laboratories and Research Groups

Our Laboratories and Research Groups

Our laboratories and research groups are many and diverse: Glaciology; Health geography; Climatology and Paleoclimatology; Applied Geomatics and GIS Science; Environmental change; Environment, Society and Policy; Arctic, Antarctic and Planetary Studies


Canadian Association of Geographers

The office of the Canadian Association of Geographers has moved to our Department!

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