My undergraduate experience began the same way as many other students, with a lot of uncertainty. Having just graduated high school, I was still very unsure of what academic path I wanted to undertake. As a result, I started my studies in the General Arts program which allowed me to take various elective courses, one of which was in the Department of Geography, Environmental Studies, and Geomatics. This course ultimately served as a pivoting point for me and by the end of my first semester, I had changed my program to a B.A. with a Major in Geography and a Minor in Geomatics.

Throughout my studies, I have had the opportunity to take part in some compelling and engaging courses taught by experts in their respected fields. I can say firsthand that in the department, professors are very invested in their students and truly care about their success both in and outside of school. Apart from the professors, the courses, especially the field courses, allowed me to develop skills that have proven to be useful and valued to employers. The field courses in the department are some of the best courses offered at the University. I was lucky enough to have participated in the northern research field course that took place in the Yukon and Alaska to which I owe many thanks for having given me some of my fondest memories to this date. I’m not sure if it was the jaw-dropping scenery or the amazing people I was with, but this trip was definitely one that I will not forget and that I highly suggest taking. My time in the department has been a great one and with my acquired understanding of Geography and Geomatics, I was able to land a position working for Underhill Geomatics Ltd. in the Yukon Territory.

All things considered, the Department of Geography, Environmental Studies, and Geomatics is one that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in the environment and who is looking for a program that offers the opportunity to apply course-based knowledge to the real world.

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