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Amaris Page

I initially arrived at U of O's geography department as a disillusioned political science student, but after starting a geomorphology class I knew I was back where I belonged. I changed programs and finished an honours degree in geography with a concentration in geomatics and spatial analysis. Some definite highlights were when I took part in two summer field courses in the Yukon. I really enjoyed physical geography and geomatics, and I must've done okay at it, since I was asked by Prof. Antoni Lewkowicz to do a Master's degree under his direction. I agreed, and spent the next two years studying geospatial methods to model permafrost distribution using landforms and topography in the southern Yukon's discontinuous permafrost zone. I was also the first Canadian participant in the CryoEx exchange program for northern researchers, for which I spent a semester in Oslo, Norway working with professors there studying the use of multi-temporal air photos to measure the flow rates of rock glaciers, and also participating in a field course in Svalbard in the high Arctic.

Since graduating I have held a number of jobs, all related to my geography background. Initially I worked with the Geological Survey of Canada modelling landslide risk along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon and the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia. Following the end of that contract, I moved on to Elections Ontario, where I produced maps of electoral districts and helped manage the Permanent Register of Electors for Ontario, a geospatial database of Ontario voters (that's how you get mailed your voter card and assigned to a polling station) for the 2011 provincial election. Since then I have been working as a geophysicist at Sander Geophysics in Ottawa, where I participate in conducting airborne geophysical surveys in worldwide locations and analyze the data we collect in the Ottawa office. And finally, upon writing this, I have just accepted a full time position with Environment Canada, so I am off on another geography adventure!

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