Christina MCMAHON

Christina McMahon

In 2009, I graduated from the University of Ottawa obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree with Specialization in Geography. Currently, I work at the Community Foundation of Ottawa as the Administrative Assistant for the Grants & Community Initiatives team. The Community Foundation of Ottawa is a non-profit organization that pools charitable gifts from donors into a permanent endowment that benefits the community. Grants are made from the earnings of these funds to support initiatives that strengthen the Ottawa community. The Community Foundation also provides leadership by bringing people together from all sectors to identify and address issues and leverage opportunities in the region. Working at the Foundation, I have gained a keen sense of awareness of community issues and often concepts that I learned while studying Geography assist in the understanding of those issues. For example, food security has been identified as a priority issue for the community to tackle. Related to that, the issue of 'food islands', spaces in the city where there is a lack of access to healthy and affordable food, i.e. grocery stores and markets, requires understanding of spatial orientation, calculation of distances and population distribution, to name a few. Although, I am not working directly in a geographical field, as an alumnus of the Geography program, I believe that the breadth of topics covered in my studies (Health Geography, Tourism Geography, GIS, Environmental Studies, etc.) has helped increase my understanding of the community and my current work directly benefits from that.

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