Christopher PIERCE

Christopher Pierce

I began my university education at uOttawa in business, and after realising I needed to follow my passion of the outdoors, I was welcomed with open arms to join the Department of Geography.a With support from friends and profs in the Department, I was able to graduate with a Major and Minor respectively in Geography and Geomatics and land a job!

While studying at the University the doors began to open when I got a position with Parks Canada through FSWEP as a geomatics technician. By not only completing a variety of geomatics related projects I was able to utilize my field work experience gained through the geography program to go north multiple times to tag narwhals, Greenland sharks, ring seals, and arctic char with Parks Canada. The geography department offers a variety of classes that gave me the opportunity to flourish with Parks Canada and be able to take on a variety new projects that are not limited due to the foundational learning gained from my classes.

Biggest recommendation is to start saving in your first years towards the optional 4th year field course in Iceland as this was the biggest resume boost I’ve ever had in regards to field experience. And if the opportunity rises take advantage of as many field courses as possible, not only are they very fun but they open the doors to many opportunities with jobs and future research.

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