Colin J. Courtney MUSTAPHI

Courtney Mustaphi

After high school, I was not exactly sure what I would like to study but knew that I had broad interests. The geography discipline allowed me to learn and explore multiple facets of human society, technology, and the natural environment, from the classroom, laboratory and field settings. After completing an undergraduate degree in Geography with a concentration in History I stayed at the University of Ottawa to work on a masters degree studying the physical geography of High Arctic ecosystems. I really enjoyed these programs at the university and the gained much from the experiences in the classroom and labs complemented with field excursions to places like forests of western Quebec, the mountains of the Gaspésie, and the snow, ice and mud of Ellesmere Island (Nunavut). Following my studies at the University of Ottawa, I completed a PhD in Earth Sciences, for which, my studies sites were in the mountain forests of British Columbia. Now I am a researcher in the United Kingdom studying tropical ecosystems and what the effects human development and climatic change will have on them. The skills I had taken from my previous degrees have allowed me to conduct research from many parts of the world from the arctic to the tropics and the multidisciplinarity of a geography degree has proven invaluable.

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