Erin Moseley-Williams

Erin Moseley

Coming from a small city, I spent my life canoeing, camping, and hiking – there wasn’t too much else to do. I underestimated the value of my tent-sleeping, bean-eating, fire-building childhood until I moved to the “big city.” I always loved learning about the environment, and I eventually realized that I wanted to start the career chapter of my life within the world of geography.

I began my journey at the University of Ottawa in what I thought was the right path for me – business school– needless to say it wasn’t. Luckily, I realized in time that I wanted to love what I studied. I decided to pull a complete 180o and switch to an Honours BA in Geography. I enrolled myself in the program in March, stuck out my last few business exams and could not wait for September to begin. I took every geography course you could take that next year and fell in love with the program. Each class is unbelievably captivating adding new skills and knowledge with each lecture. Not only did the courses impact my decision to pursue a career in geography but so did the professors as they established a welcoming environment to learn and succeed. Most importantly, the friendships I have made in Geography will last a life time. Once you survive a field camp with them, there’s really no going back.

I currently work at Elections Canada in the Address Management Department. My job allows me to use the GIS skills I acquired over the last few years of my degree. I was offered this job as an electoral data analyst through the Federal Work Experience Program (FSWEP) in my final year and have since been bridged in as a full-time employee. My job is an excellent stepping stone to further my education in GIS.  I am looking forward to the great adventures of my career that will hopefully begin and end with geography.

I owe my success and happiness to this wonderful program. 

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