Field Courses

Field courses and excursions

From the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland, to the beaches of Zanzibar, to the bustling cityscape of New York, our field courses allow to you learn in a practical setting and gain hands-on fieldwork experience. Whether it’s a short excursion in Ottawa’s backyard, or a 3-week long course in the Canadian Arctic, our department provides affordable opportunities for you to step out of the classroom and see your studies come to life. Travel with us and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit destinations few have ever been.


Get a little adventure in your day! Many of our classes offer short excursions that allow you to learn about and experience the Ottawa region’s geography and environment. Head out for a short field trip and be back in time for your next class.

Fall Camps

Students registered in a Major or Honours program in Geography or Environmental Studies are required to do two field camps. GEG2918, a week-long course to explore physical geography, human geography, and environmental studies, is mandatory in all of our programs. This course gives students an introduction to hands-on field work, while providing the opportunity to get to know your classmates and forge lifelong friendships.

For their second field camp, students in Environmental Studies are required to do ENV4910, while students in Geography may choose between GEG4920 or GEG 4921 which are the regular field camps, or they may elect to do one of our elective field course GEG4000, GEG4001, GEG4100 or GEG 4128.

Optional Field Courses

We offer exciting  optional field courses that can take you to  from the bustling streets and  high-rises  of New York City, to the stunning icefields of the Yukon, the fjords Alaska , or to the ice-capped volcanoes of Iceland.

Field courses are electives that can be  taken in addition to your mandatory two field camps. Alternatively,  if you are in Geography,  you can replace your second mandatory field camp with one of the field course options below.

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