GEG 4128 Places and Landscapes of the North American City - New York City

Optional Courses - GEG4128 - Cours optionnels

New York: urban change, social life and neighbourhoods

Students take the lead in learning about New York City as an urban social environment. The course combines seminars and four days in New York City. Many kinds of neighbourhoods and issues are explored: from Harlem to Wall Street; density to livability. Optional in all of our programs. Open to other departments, faculties, universities.

Places and Landscapes of the North American City (3 units)

Examination of place in a selected North American city. Emphasis on changing urban socio-economic landscapes and the negotiation of place between groups. A field excursion to the selected city will be the capstone for the course.

Course Component: Lecture

Prerequisite: GEG 3106 or GEG 3522. One week of field work at an off-campus location.

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