GEG 4920 Urban Geography Field Research—Montréal, Québec

GEG 4920 Human Geography Field Camp

GEG 4920 Urban Geography Field Research (3 units)

In 2021, this course will run online from August 25 to September 5.

2021 Course syllabus

This 4th year field course is addressed to students with strongest interest in human geography. In this week-long course you will learn to observe the various manifestations of everyday multiculturalism in the urban landscape and occupations of public spaces.

Students enrolled in a major or honours bachelor's degree must take GEG/ENV 2918 as well as one of our national or international course. Students in environmental studies must, for their part, take GEG/ENV2918 and ENV4910. All students may, if they wish, take several national or international courses.

Prerequisites: GEG 2108 and GEG 2918. The courses GEG 4920, GEG 4921 cannot be combined for credits.

GEG 4920 students


Why there?

Montreal is rich with multiethnic neighbourhoods. We will concentrate our study on Côte-des- Neiges

GEG 4920 students


What will I do?

During the week, you will be presented with a series of activities that are each designed to strengthen your research skills. These exercises are designed to complement one another; the data and findings from one activity can help with interpretation of the data from another. These activities will provide you with the necessary foundation of knowledge and skills required to succeed in the preparation of your final report and presentation.

GEG 4920 students


What will I learn?

The goals and objectives of this field camp are to improve your ability in research methods and techniques used in human geography. The focus of this course will be researching social integration in multiethnic neighborhoods in a city, with an emphasis on observation and survey development..

GEG 4920 students


Where will I stay?

Accommodation in Montreal are in a comfortable centrally located hotel.

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