GEG / ENV 2918 Introduction to Field Research

Mandatory Field camps - GEG2918

GEG / ENV 2918 Introduction to Field Research (3 units)



GEG/ENV2918 Introduction to Field Research, will be offered in September 2021 (hopefully in-person).

The in-person course will be given during the first week of September (1st to 7th).  Registration for this course will take place during the regular 2021/22 academic year registration period (June 2021).

Questions? Please contact either Andre Viau (, Eric Crighton ( or Sonia Wesche (

Please note that the following description only applies when GEG/ENV2918 is offered in-person.

This 1-week field course in a wilderness setting has the objective to introduce students to field research one of the most fundamental aspects of Physical and Human Geography and Environmental Studies. The possibilities and challenges of field work are among the most exciting components of the discipline. This introductory field research course is meeting place for environmental studies, human geography and physical geography.

Prerequisites: GEG 1301, (GEG 1302 or ENV 1101). Also offered as ENV 2918. Registration for this course must be done before July 1.

GEG/ENV students in canoe


Why there?

As has been the tradition for many years, the fall field camp GEG/ENV 2918 will take place at Awacamenj Mino camp on the shore of Lac de l’îile (Lake Isabel) about 75 km north of Ottawa, near Low, Qc.  The camp is approximately 750 acres in extent and offers outdoor and wilderness activities to various users.

GEG/ENV students in forest


What will I do?

You will participate in three two-day workshops. One on physical geography during which you will study Lake de l’îile physical and chemical environment. The second one on human geography focuses on the influence of the physical, socio-cultural, and economic environments on aspects of well-being. The third workshop studys the Camp’s user needs and possibility of expansion from an environmental point of view

GEG/ENV students outside classroom


What will I learn?

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to collect and analyze data in the field, and discuss approaches to research. 

Group photo of GEG/ENV students


Where will I stay?

Participants will stay at Awacamenj Mino camp, situated on Lac de l’ile, west of Low, Quebec.  The accommodations are single beds and bunks in dormitories holding from 8 to 20 students. All meals are included and showers are available at any time. You may bring your own tent and camp by the lake.

Camp Awacamenj mino in the Gatineau Hills is where you will do your first field camp. GEG/ENV2918 is a meeting place for environmental studies, human geography and physical geography. Undecided between physical geography, human geography, or environmental studies? This week long course offers the opportunity to experience field research in all three disciplines.

Students enrolled in a major or honours bachelor's degree must take GEG/ENV 2918 as well as one of our national or international course. Students in environmental studies must, for their part, take GEG/ENV2918 and ENV4910. All students may, if they wish, take several national or international courses.

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