Jessie COREY

Jessie Corey

I love everything about geography. Always have, always will. Unlike a lot of kids these days, I spent my childhood exploring the outdoors, developing what's turned out to be an unshakeable connection to the natural world.

Getting to spend my undergrad learning about everything from climate change to geomorphology to global food systems always made me feel like I had won some kind of universal lottery for higher learning. It was because of the Geography and Environmental Studies program at the University of Ottawa that I got involved with a local environmental organization working on water issues and resource management, which later paved the way to some incredible jobs with organizations like Nature Canada and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, where I currently work on national conservation campaigns.

In my time at U of O, I met some amazing friends, studied with some of the best professors in the field, and now get to spend my days doing the kind of work I had always dreamed about doing as a kid. My only advice to today's undergrads is to figure out what you love and stick with it. It's what I did, and I haven't spent a single second regretting it.

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