EduTOX video challenge; make an impact, win prizes!

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The EduTOX Video Challenge is a national contest runs from September 5 to November 13, 2017 and is opened to youth aged 14–22. In partnership with some of Canada’s best-known health and environmental organizations, EduTOX is raising awareness about how we can reduce health impacts from exposure to harmful toxins or adapt to climate change. To enter, make a 1–2 minute video that motivates positive action on toxins or climate change. There will be a total of 6 winners (3 French, 3 English), who will each receive fantastic prizes. 

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Go to for contest details and the following resources:

• “How-to” video: this video provides instructional guidance for participants and emphasizes scientific literacy. It can be viewed on the “How-To” page. 
• EduTOX promotional video (1 min) is available on the “About” page. 
• Last year’s winning videos are available on the 2016 Winners page.
• Classroom presentation: this short downloadable presentation (available on the Getting Started page) is intended for use in the classroom by teachers and professors who may wish to include EduTOX as an assignment or extracurricular activity.

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