Louis-Philippe Morin discusses his thesis during TVA TV interview.

Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017

Les identités territoriales à Gatineau, 15 ans après la fusion municipale.

Prior to 2002, the urban Outaouais region consisted of five autonomous municipalities before the Quebec government imposed the merger of several municipalities in the urban areas throughout the province by adopting the Bill 170. In Outaouais, the cities of Aylmer, Buckingham, Gatineau, Hull and Masson-Angers were combined to create the City of Gatineau. This research aims to understand how the territorial identities of the citizens who have experienced this change may have been influenced by the modification in the structure of the territory on which a large part of their daily social interactions take place. The answers provided by 152 participants from Aylmer and Masson through a questionnaire survey enabled us to draw an interesting portrait of the citizens living in two peripheral areas of the City of Gatineau. All in all, it was found that citizens do not identify strongly with the new city and remain anchored to their former municipalities.


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