Rebecca TURPIN

Rebecca Turpin

After graduating I began working for the British Council as manager of the climate change program, where I focused many of my projects in the Arctic. I then took up a position at the Parks Canada Agency as a Senior Policy Advisor working on policy and legislation for National Parks and National Marine Conservation Areas. With the aim to work more closely on international issues, I moved into a position working as Analyst of Intergovernmental Relations for the Parks Canada Agency. My most recent work experience has been coordinating the Interdepartmental Recovery Fund at the Canadian Wildlife Service, to help federal departments protect and recover species at risk. In 2009, I was nominated a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and I have been busy imparting knowledge of Canadian geography ever since. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had, which are in large part due to my academic career in geography and environmental studies at the University of Ottawa.

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