Directed research

Experience Research at the Undergraduate Level

The Directed Research is a great opportunity offered to 4th year students. Over the course of two semesters you can earn 6 credits for undertaking a real research project. The Directed Research is an introduction to the research process, it is a challenging course requiring a time commitment equal to, or in excess of, the time investment of regular format courses. Under the direct supervision of a professor you will learn new skills and apply much of what you have learned as an undergraduate. Click on the links below to see the poster of the research. Follow the links below to learn more about the Undegraduate Rresearch description and rules, format and evaluation, or see what has been done by students in previous years.

Directed Research 1998-Today







  Soontjens, Elliot Le marketing des écoquartiers du Québec: une analyse du discours en géographie humaine Marc Brosseau 2020
  Mackey, Kevin West Ottawa Radon Eric Crighton 2020
  Provost, Fabien Évaluer l’usage d’un forage de tourbe riche en glace interstitielle préserver dans le pergélisol comme proxie climatique de la région de Peel Plateau au T. N.-O., Canada Denis Lacelle 2019
  McKitrick, Matthew Gentrification and Globalization: The Emerging Role of International Immigration in the City of Ottawa Huhua Cao 2019
  Dubé, Sara Plastics and uOttawa: Goals, realities and solutions Marc Saner 2019
  Newall, Andrew An assessment of sentinel-1 radial velocity products efficacy at detecting the location of the Gulf stream north wall Anders Knudby 2019
  McNeil, Kaitlyn Using remote sensing to measure ambient light at night in Orleans, Ottawa Anders Knudby 2019
  Pegels, Bailey Satellite-derived photogrammetric bathymetry in the Canadian Arctic Anders Knudby 2019
  Daniels, Camila Incorporating local knowledge into regional-scale priorities in addressing food security in the Inuvialuit settlement region, Northwest Territories Sonia Wesche 2019
  Beaudry, Marie-Lore L’été 2018 à Ottawa dans le contexte du climat du dernier siècle (only in French) André Viau 2019
  Campbell-Heaton, Kethra Oxygen Isotopes, Sedimentology And Geochemical Research For Two Permafrost Cores Eskimo Lakes Area, NWT, Canada Jean Bjornson 2018
  Smeda, Braden Terminal Extent and Elevation Change of the Kaskawulsh Glacier from 1900 to 2017, Yukon Luke Copland 2018
  Wang, Yifeng

Composition of Soil Organic Carbon in the Active Layer and Permafrost along the Eureka Sound Lowlands, Nunavut, Canada

Denis Lacelle 2018

Davidson, Fiona

Deep-Sea Sponge Distribution Modeling in the North Pacific Ocean

Anders Knudby 2017
  Halle, Danielle

Glacier Surging Velocity Variability on Manson Icefield in Southeast Ellesmere Island 1993-2016

Luke Copland 2017

Brière, Michelle

Eastern Beringian Paleodemography in Relation to Late-Glacial and Holocene Environmental Change

Konrad Gajewski 2017
  Stewart, Jesse

Application of UAV Multispectral Imagery for Monitoring Crop Responses to Controlled Tile Drainage

Mike Sawada 2017
  Nelson, Rebecca

Accessibility to Sustainable Transportation and Green Spaces in Ottawa’s Vanier North and Cummings Neighbourhoods

Luisa Veronis 2017
  Maybury, Luke Preston

Breaking Down Barriers to Recycling in Subsidized Housing in Ottawa, ON

Luisa Veronis 2016
  Pelletier, Raphaël

Territoire, identité et représentations: une étude de la place des revendications territoriales atikamekw dans l'espace médiatique québécois.

Marc Brosseau 2016
  Morin, Alexandre

Reconstitution paléoclimatique de l'activité d'ouragans de l'étang Robinson près de Seaforth Nouvelle-Ecosse,Canada

André Viau


  Fauchon, Daniel

Variation du régime hydrologique des rivières du Nunavut de 1970 à 2014

Jean Bjornson 2016
  Bonneau, Marc-André

“Evaluation de l’utilisation d’un lac oxbow dans la reconstitution des paléo-inondations de la rivière Désert en Outaouais, Québec.

André Viau 2015
  Crites, Hugo

Compositions isotopiques 18O et datations 14C de M. Edulis d’un dépôt coquillier holocène de Baie-Comeau, Côte-Nord, Québec.

Denis Lacelle 2015
  Delaney, Frances

Patterns and trends in oxygen isotope values in snow across the Canadian Arctic over the past 40 years.

Luke Copland 2015
  Desrochers, Nicolas

Evaluating the use of oxbow lakes as proxy to paleoflood reconstruction: A case study in southwestern Quebec.

André Viau 2015
  Hackett, Michael

Using DEM differencing to calculate volume change of two alpine glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada, 1959-2014.

Luke Copland 2015
  Verret, Marjolaine

Comparison of the daily isotopic and conductivity variations between a glacial and a non-glacial watershed, Kluane Region, Yukon.

Jean Bjornson 2015
  Campbell, Ryan

Evolution of Severe Weather Events in Eastern Ontario.

André Viau 2014
  Dranga, Stefana

A synthesis of lake and pond water quality data from Arctic and Boreal Canada.

Konrad Gajewski 2014
  Faucher, Benoit

Les vermiculations dans les cavernes des collines de la Gatineau, Québec Canada.

Bernard Lauriol 2014
  Gallagher, Natasha Rae

Climate Change in the Artic.

Jennifer Kasper 2014
  Greydanus, Kayla

Regional-scale soil and atmosphere interactions and the influence on vegetation in Wisconsin, USA: A GIS analysis.

Konrad Gajewski 2014
  Kelly, Brianna

Land use changes from 1930 to 2013 on Main Duck and Yorkshire Islands in Lake Ontario.

Konrad Gajewski 2014
  Plowright, Andrew

Evaluating Human Footprint in Canada’s Biodiversity Hotspots.

Jeremy Kerr 2014
  Begg, Chloe(1)

Understanding Trends and Trajectories for Marine Transportation in the Canadian Arctic.

Jackie Dawson 2013
  Brasseur, Philippe

Spatio-temporal distribution (1985-2012) of aufeis in the northern Yukon Coastal Plain and Lower Peel River watersheds, western Canadian Arctic.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  D’Aoust, Bianca

Sedimentological and water geochemistry analyses of the active layer and nearsurface permafrost at the Vittrekwa basin, Northwest Territories..

Bernard Lauriol 2013
  Fontaine, Marielle(1)

Distribution of stable water isotopes, major ions and trace metals in near-surface permafrost, Inuvik, NWT, Canada.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  Forest, Alex

Ice and organic content in shallow surface of permafrost: measurements from interhummock depression near Inuvik, NWT.

Bernard Lauriol 2013
  Fuller, Kyla(1)

Recent Sulfate Variations from the Prince of Wales and Penny Ice Cap, Canadian High Arctic.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  Gingras, Jennifer(1)

Spatio-temporal distribution (1986-2012) of snow patches in the Richardson Mountains, NWT, Canada.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  Linton, Jules(1)

Using Pore Water Tritium and Organically Bound Tritium as Tracers of Soil Movement in Hummocky Terrain, Inuvik, NWT.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  Main, Brittany

A 40 year record (1970-2010) of air temperature variations reconstructed from stable water isotopes and melt layer measurements from Agassiz Ice Cap, Canadian high Arctic.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  Strong, Katharine

Spatial analysis of postglacial mammal populations in relation to Holocene climate change.

Konrad Gajewski 2013
  Taylor, Mark(1)

Determining source of SO4 in permafrost watersheds, Richardson Mountains NWT, Canada.

Denis Lacelle 2013
  Agipitos, Katharine(1)

The seasonal cycle in Ottawa temperature records.

Konrad Gajewski 2012
  Grinter, Michael(1)

Investigating the impacts of thaw slumps on the fluvial regime of periglacial streams.

Denis Lacelle 2012

Richer McCallum,

Relationship between open water leads and calving events along northern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada.

Luke Copland 2012

Savage, Mason(1)

Perenially-ice covered Lake Joyce, McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica : insights into ice accretion and ablation rates.

Denis Lacelle 2012

Alie Poirier, Kamylle

Evaluation du volume de sédiments relachés dans Stony Creek (FortMcPherson, T.N.O.) par les glissements de fonte rétrogressifs pendant la période 1944-2008.

Bernard Lauriol 2011
  Bevington, Alexandre

Characteristics of the 2009-2010 surge of Lowell Glacier, Yukon Territory.

Luke Copland 2011


Evolution postglaciaire de la tourbière de Mer Bleue, Ontario.

Konrad Gajewski 2011
  McCartin, Chantal

Face au changement climatique ; l’impact au niveau de l’acériculture de l’Est-Ontarien.

André Viau 2011
  Mezdour, Amina

L’exposition aux changements climatiques des pays d’origine des communautés immigrantes de la région de la capitale nationale ainsi que les impacts de ces changements sur la taille des communautés immigrantes.

Robert McLeman 2011
  Baxter, Annie

Mammal population dynamics during the Holocene in North America.

Konrad Gajewski 2010

Hasan, Amina(2)

Fire History in the Southwest Yukon

Konrad Gajewski 2010
  Herdes, Emilie

The relationships between iceberg calving and sea ice conditions on Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut.

Luke Copland 2009

Hardy, Gabrielle

Environnement et représentations de la francophonie ontarienne.

Anne Gilbert 2008

Mortimer, Colleen

Climate change in southern Alaska and southwest Yukon from 1949-2006.

Luke Copland 2008
  Da Silva, André Etude palynologique de la tourbière d'Alfred Marie-Anne Geurts 2008

Mousseau, Christine

La place du français dans les entreprises franco-ontariennes.

Anne Gilbert 2008
  Baker, Evan

Appropriating Bank Street as a Gay Village.

Brian Ray 2007
  Brisebois, Sophie

Vegetation response to recent climate change at treeline of northern Quebec.

Konrad Gajewski 2007
  Brulotte, Nick

Gentrification in Ottawa’s Westboro and Hintonburg Neighbourhoods.

Robert McLeman 2007
  Leblanc-Tanguay, Jonathan

Etude cristallographique des glaces des cavernes de l’Outaouais.

Bernard Lauriol 2007
  Ravindra, Rebecca

Betula migration and abundance changes at treeline of northern Québec.

Konrad Gajewski 2007
  Sylvestre, Tyler

Climate reconstruction of the St. Elias Icefield Ranges, Southern Yukon.

Luke Copland 2007
  Leng, Elissa Bright lights, Better health? The Health of Urban Aboriginal Women Brian Ray 2006
  Beninger, Christopher Risk Communication: An Exploratory Study into the Relevant Theories Involved in the Construction of Risk Perceptions M. Driedger 2005
  Bunbury, Joan

Seasonal and temporal variability of the physical, chemical and biological parameters of Kluane Region Lakes, southwest Yukon Territory, Canada.

Konrad Gajewski 2002
  Hall, Amy-Lynn

The Effects of Income on Perceived Well-Being.

Anne Gilbert 2002
  Whitmore, Johanne

A synoptic study of pollen influx at regional and continental scales.

Konrad Gajewski 2002
  Grenier, Alain

Etude géochimique de sédiments lacustres à la limite des arbres, nord-ouest du Québec.

Konrad Gajewski 2000
  Joly, Eric

Le milieu, l’appartenance et l’intégration à la société américaine : la littérature comme outil de connaissance des Franco-Américains

  Benoit, Nathalie

Dendroecology of Thuja in Gatineau Park.

Konrad Gajewski 1998

1) Department of Environmental Sciences

2) Department of Biology

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