Silvana Botros

When I first started university, I was under the impression that I wanted to be a political scientist. However, after one fateful first year Physical Geography elective in my first semester, I quickly changed gears. I graduated from the University of Ottawa, where I obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Geography, and a minor in Biology. Geography and biology was a great combination of all the things I enjoyed - the outdoors, science, human interest, wildlife and landscapes, and a bit of technical prowess. Getting the chance to participate in field courses, labs, and engaging discussions, all while gaining tangible skills in geomatics and field studies was invaluable in helping me understand what type of work I wanted to do moving forward. The most notable experience from my time at university was getting to participate in the Gaspésie field course – getting to see the endangered Woodland Caribou herd atop the tundra-like Mont Jacques Cartier was awe inspiring and pushed me in the direction of work I’ve been engaged in. I was lucky enough to join Environment Canada as a FSWEP student in my second year, working in a variety of roles throughout the years. Most recently, I have enthusiastically joined the Canadian Wildlife Service as a Species At Risk Analyst. I am responsible for overseeing the listing process for species in Canada, ensuring that they get protection under the Species At Risk Act. This job has been a great use of my degree, and I look forward to continuing in my growth -- and the uOttawa Geography department is to thank!

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