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A highly applicable and employable degree, Geography, Environmental Studies or Geomatics opens up doors to a multitude of careers and graduate studies options. Build on your knowledge and conduct research through graduate studies, or explore the career options that are as diverse as the nature of geography itself.

Why Study with Us


Career Options

Career Options

Visit our Testimonials page to see what our alumni are doing now that they have graduated and how our programs have helped them in their careers. In addition, the Career Development Center has much information on careers in geography, in environment and in geomatics.


Why Study - Making sense of our World


Gain a holistic understanding of our world!

From how the earth shapes itself and society, to how people shape the earth. Geography, Environmental Studies and Geomatics will help you gain a deeper appreciation for how our dynamic world operates.



Why Study - Professors


Highly-esteemed yet approachable, our professors will help you succeed.

Involved in cutting-edge research, they are solving vital problems facing our world today.



Why Study - Field Courses


From the University's backyard to New York, Iceland, the Yukon and Zanzibar.  

Our field courses take you out of the classroom and into the real world. Don’t just read about it – gain hands-on skills in a practical setting while enjoying an experience you will never forget.



Why Study - Courses


We offer a wide variety of courses.

To ensure you have the best possible learning experience, our varied electives allow you to stream in your preferred discipline, from climate science, to urban development, to computer-based mapping.



Why Study - Small class size


Our small class sizes.

Small class size breaks down the barriers of large classes. Build professional relationships with your professors, and make long-lasting friendships with your classmates.



Why Study - Facilities


Get hands-on lab and field experience with our wide range of facilities and equipment!

For undergraduate students we have several computer labs as well as physical geography labs. We also have many research labs used by professors and graduate students. 


Why Study - Student life


Join our undergraduate (GAIA) or graduate (GGSA) student association.

Enhance your student experience! Participate in various fun activities, meet people with similar interests, and partake in informal networking opportunities.



Why Study - Work while you study

We offer several options for you to make money and gain valuable work experience during your studies.

An example is the CO-OP program, which places you in paying jobs relevant to your field of study. If CO-OP is not for you, have a look at other opportunities such as Work-Study or Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.


Why Study - uOttawa


The University of Ottawa’s central location gives easy access

Employment, outdoor spaces, and the social perks of the downtown core are right around the corner. The University enjoys 100% bilingual services, and gives you the option to study in English, French, or both!



Your studies in Geography, Environment or Geomatics can pave the way to many fulfilling and multifaceted careers. Discover where some of our graduates are now, such as Alex, a research scientist with the Government of British Columbia, or Laura, founder of Sonar in San Francisco. Learn real-life examples of where your degree can take you!


Careers in geography, environment and geomatics are diverse; there’s something for everyone! From an office, to a research lab, to out in the field, you can find a work environment that suits you. Check out some of the resources below to learn where a degree from our department can take you.

Why study geography, environment or geomatics

Canadian Geographic: Top ten reasons to study Geography

American Association of Geographers: Geography can take you there

ESRI: Many reasons to consider GIS as a career

Science: Geo what? Opportunities in geomatics


Career opportunities in geography, environment or geomatics

Canadian Association of Geographers: What can you do with Geography?

The Faculty of Education: Two-year Teacher Education Program


Career opportunities in geography, environment or geomatics

Earthworks Jobs

Earthworks Jobs



Go Geomatics


Eco Canada

Eco Canada


Government of Ontario

Jobs in the Ontarian Government


Government of Canada

Jobs in the Canadian Government


Geography Jobs

Geography Jobs


Co-operative Education Programs - COOP


Student Academic Success Service



Work while you study

Combining work and study




Graduate with a big head start on your career and finances! The CO-OP program allows you to participate in four, full-time, paid internships relevant to your studies. Graduate with a year or more of practical work experience in your field.




Work-study program

Work-Study Program

Earn extra money and gain valuable work experience!

The Work-Study Program (WSP) gives you a chance to work on campus part time during the academic year, as well as full time during the summer months.



Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

Gain research experience and a scholarship! The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) provides undergraduate students with exciting opportunities to explore cutting-edge research. Participate in at least 50 hours of research during one academic year, and receive a scholarship award.




Undergraduate Student Research Award Program (USRA)

Undergraduate Student Research Award Program (USRA)

Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are meant to stimulate students interested in research in the natural sciences and engineering.  Get paid to participate in 16 weeks of research!





Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships (SIRI)

Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships (SIRI)

Intern abroad and receive a scholarship! The Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships (SIRI) program allows students to join a research team and complete a two to three-month internship abroad during the summer semester, and receive a scholarship.

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