Conférence : Darcie Fontaine (University of South Florida) Réfugiés, souveraineté et angoisse humanitaire : Les camps de regroupement et les limites des droits universels dans la guerre pour l'indépendance de l'Algérie

Publié le samedi 5 novembre 2016

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Vendredi le 11 novembre 2016, 10h à 11h30, Pavillon Fauteux, FTX570 (57, Louis Pasteur, uOttawa)

(En anglais seulement.) This talk will explore the story of the “discovery” of the Algerian regroupment camps in 1959 and the subsequent attempt by French colonizers to define and justify their treatment of the more than two million Algerian civilians who had been forcibly removed from their homes and placed into camps by the French military during the Algerian War of Independence. In particular, I will examine how terms like “refugee,” “concentration camp,” and “genocide,” which gained a particular kind of power in Europe in the aftermath of World War II, shifted meanings in the context of empire, and how humanitarian language and actions enabled the French to paper over their colonial crimes and deny rights to colonized peoples.

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