About the Department of History

A Word from the Chair



The Department of History is eager to welcome you. It will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for understanding our complex world and feed your infinite curiosity. You will find here passionate professors, fascinating research themes, and original approaches. Let us surprise you, come and learn!

By its very nature, history provides access to a whole range of professional possibilities. The study of history promotes a better understanding of the way in which societies work, the factors that bring them together and set them apart, the events that have shaped their development. It is a subject that helps to explain how different political, religious, and legal systems came into being and how cultural, social, economic, and geographical conditions have determined the way in which countries have developed. It is a discipline that allows us to get to the very heart of the way peoples think and act. A good background in history is an indispensable condition for a successful career in a variety of areas: law, journalism, administration, teaching, communications, and the public and diplomatic services.

About the Department

The Department of History offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a great variety of fields. Students may sample almost all types of history and most geographical and chronological areas: intellectual history, social history, political history, economic history, cultural history, , technological history and native history, the history of international relations, the history of women, native peoples and ethnic groups, the history of Canada in general, European history, American history, Asian history and Latin American history.



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