Fields of interest of professors — Department of History

Éric ALLINA — PhD History, Yale University

  • African history
  • Slavery
  • Colonial history
  • African diaspora history
  • Global cold war
  • Historical methodology

Pierre ANCTIL — Doctorate in Anthropology, New School for Social Research, New York

  • Jewish History in Montreal
  • Yiddish literature in Montreal
  • History of Immigration in Canada

Michael D. BEHIELS — PhD. History, York University

  • History of Modern Canada with an emphasis on political, ideological and constitutional development
  • Canadian federal system and Quebec's role within the federation.

Damien-Claude BÉLANGER - PhD, History, McGill University

  • Canada in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Intellectual history of Quebec and French Canada
  • Canadian-American relations

Lotfi BEN REJEB — PhD American Studies, Indiana University

  • United States History (18th-19th century)
  • Relations United States-Islamic World
  • African-American History

Peter C. BISCHOFF — PhD, Université de Montréal

  • Economic history and of the working class in Canada
  • History of Quebec
  • Economy and work

Michel BOCK — PhD, University of Ottawa

  • Histoire de la francophonie canadienne, de l’Ontario français et du Québec
  • Histoire intellectuelle et politique
  • Évolution de la problématique identitaire au Canada français

Richard CONNORS — PhD Modern History, Cambridge University

  • Early Modern Britain
  • Modern Britain
  • British Empire

Béatrice CRAIG — PhD History, University of Maine

  • North American history
  • Women’s history

Serge DURFLINGER — PhD, McGill University

  • Post-confederation Canada
  • Canadian military and diplomatic history
  • Naval history
  • War and society
  • Commemoration and memory
  • The world wars

Kouky FIANU — PhD Sciences médiévales, Université de Montréal

  • French Medieval History (13th-15th century)
  • Production and social practices of the written word
  • History of notaries
  • Book craftsmen in the Middle Ages

Alberto FLOREZ-MALAGON — PhD History, State University of New York at Stony Brook

  • Cultural studies and cultural history
  • Postcolonial and subaltern studies
  • Historiography and transdisciplinarity
  • Environmental history
  • Latin American studies
  • Cultural Globalization

Chad GAFFIELD — PhD, University of Toronto

  • Canadian social history

Corinne GAUDIN — PhD, Michigan University

  • Imperial Russia
  • Soviet Union
  • Rural societies, legal history  

Jan GRABOWSKI — PhD History, University of Montreal

  • Holocaust
  • Amerindians in Canada
  • New France

Ruby HEAP — PhD, University of Montreal

  • History of Women
  • History of education
  • History of the professions in Canada, 19th-20th centuries

Dimitri  KITSIKIS — PhD, Université Sorbonne

  • History of international relations
  • Greek-Turkish relations
  • China

Eda KRANAKIS — PhD, University of Minnesota

  • History of Technology
  • History of European Integration

Micheline LESSARD — PhD, Cornell University

  • History of Vietnam
  • History of Southeast Asia
  • History of women in Asia

Heather MURRAY PhD, University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

  • U.S. History, Especially Post 1945
  • History of Private Life, Especially History of Family Life, History of Gender/Sexuality, History of Emotions, History of Therapeutic Cultures
  • Cultural and Intellectual History

Galen Roger PERRAS — PhD American and Canadian History, University of Waterloo

  • 20th century American military and diplomatic history
  • Canadian-American relations
  • International relations in the pacific world in the 20th century
  • Commonwealth military relations

Sylvie PERRIER — PhD History, Université de Paris VIII

  • History of early modern Europe and France
  • Sociocultural history of the family
  • History of French law, 17th-18th centuries

Daniel RÜCK — PhD, McGill University

  • Settler Colonialism
  • Indigenous History
  • Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) History
  • History of the Great Lakes Region
  • History of the Great Plains
  • Environmental History

Ryme SEFERDJELI — PhD, The London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Modern Middle Eastern and North African history
  • Women and gender history (Middle East and North Africa)

Mark STOLÀRIK — PhD, Minnesota University

  • History of Slovakia and the Slovaks
  • Immigration to North America
  • East Central Europe

Nicole ST-ONGE — PhD, University of Manitoba

  • History of the Metis
  • Canadian West
  • Oral history
  • Ethnohistory

Meredith TERRETTA — PhD History, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • History of Africa / Human Rights History
  • Legal history / Transregional history
  • Global, Imperial and Colonial history / Law and Colonialism
  • Legal Pluralism / History of Activism
  • Third Worldism


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