A Tribute to Gaston Héon

Upon retirement from a fruitful career, Gaston Héon (1934-1993) resumed his studies at the University of Ottawa to devote himself to becoming an historian with a passion for learning. He died prematurely as he had completed all the requirements for his BA honours degree, just before registering for the MA program. He was awarded his degree posthumously at the fall 1998 convocation.

A man dedicated to humanist values and balanced education, Gaston Héon left very substantial amounts of money for the benefit of the Department of History. These have been used to expand the history holdings in the University library and to create scholarships designed to meet the financial needs of deserving students registered in our history programs both at the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

It is also thanks to Gaston Héon’s generosity that outside restorations and inside renovations were made to improve the building that houses the Department of History. Since October 1998, it carries the name of Gaston Héon House.

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