HIS4900 History Research Essay

An Honours student may satisfy either the methodology requirement or part of the 4000-level History course requirement by registering during his or her last year in the program in HIS4900 History Research Essay / Mémoire de recherche en histoire. A student registered in HIS4900 will prepare a short research essay -- 25 to 30 pages in length -- under the supervision of a member of the Faculty. The essay must be based on primary, usually printed, sources.

HIS4900 is worth three credits and must, like all other courses at the 4000 level, be completed within a single semester. This point is critically important, as failure to complete the essay within the prescribed time limit could prevent the student from graduating. The BA committee will be concerned primarily with this aspect of the problem. Topics must be finalized well in advance of registration to ensure that they will be completed on time. This is the purpose of the following regulations:

  1. First the student should decide on a general area of interest and then consult a member of the Department with whom he or she would like to work.

  2. Once a professor agrees to work with the student, a "Willingness to supervise" form must be signed by that professor. This form must be completed before the student can register for HIS4900, and the form must be presented to the academic assistant at the time of registration.
  3. The student and the professor will together define the research project and its methodological dimension. They will submit their proposal to the president of the BA committee before April 1 if the essay is to be done during the Summer or Fall session, and before November 1 if the essay is to be done during the Winter session. The proposal must be submitted on the "Research project" Departmental form for that purpose.

  4. Upon receipt of the proposal signed by both the student and the professor, the president of the committee will consider for approval the registration of the student in HIS4900.

  5. The president of the BA committee's approval or comments will be sent to the student, with a copy to the professor.
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