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Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2018

IMAGES AND PICTURES CONTEST : My training, my Department!

Win one of 5 $200 prizes!


Context: The History Department is looking for images and pictures that illustrate your student experience in History to promote, notably through our departmental website, our discipline, our department, and our undergraduate program, which will undergo a transformation in September 2018 under the general theme "Understanding and Practicing History".


Eligibility: students registered in an undergraduate program in History (minor, major, honours, double honours)


What you need to submit: a portfolio of 5 images or pictures that illustrate your student experience (courses, training outside courses, academic or social activities) in the Department of History and, in general, your love for history. You will also include a short text (100-120 words) justifying your choices.

ATTENTION!!! You must verify that the images you provide are not under copyright and can be readily used without fees. If you take pictures of people on campus, you must submit their names and emails so that we may contact them to request they sign a release that will allow us to publish their picture on our website.


Deadline: Friday, March 16th, 2018. Send your images/photos and your short text to:


Prize: The 5 best portfolios will each win a 200$ prize. We reserve the right to use images and pictures submitted by all the contest participants.


For more information, please contact prof. Sylvie Perrier, Chair of the History Department.

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