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Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2016

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To: Chairs, History Departments, History Student Associations

From: Stéphane Lévesque, Kevin Kee and Jo-Anne McCutcheon, University of Ottawa

A national assessment of the educational experience of undergraduate history students

In collaboration with the Canadian Historical Association, we are conducting a national assessment of the educational experience of undergraduate students in history.  As such, we invite you to share the link to our online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.net/r/shc-cha of experiences for students studying history at universities in Canada on your departmental website and Facebook page, other social media sites like Twitter, and with your undergraduate student association.  This survey will take students about twenty minutes to complete and students have the option of completing fourteen additional questions that will provide more insight into the demographic characteristics of students.

Students will be asked questions that provide information on their views and experiences as undergraduate students.  These views may be provided in research reports and communicated and conferences and symposia, but student identity will not be revealed. 

The information students share will remain strictly confidential.  The content will be used only for the purpose of this study and student confidentiality will be protected at all times. The data collected from the questionnaire will be kept in a secure manner on the password-protected site and computer of the research team.  Original data will be kept on uOttawa campus for a period of five years.

Student participation in this study will provide researchers with a more accurate understanding of current learning and teaching practices in undergraduate history programs and enable educators and administrators to better respond to the needs of students in Canada.

Students are at the centre of the educational mission of Canadian universities. Strategic plans and programs of study now aim to provide learners with high-impact academic experiences. In an era of accountability and societal questions over the immediate relevance of programs such as history, it is important to look at the actual situation from the perspective of learners. What are the educational experiences of our history students? How are policies and programs supportive of their needs? What value do they place in a history degree? What are their most memorable moments of their history education? These are questions we intend to study empirically in our study. We thank you in advance for your support.

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