Julian GWYN


Julian GWYN
Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and thereby authorized to supervise theses. and Emeritus Professor, Department of History

1956 — BA Loyola College, Université de Montréal
1958 — MA McGill University
1961 — MLitt Oxford University
1971 — DPhil Oxford University

Work E-mail: jgwyn@uOttawa.ca



University degrees

1956 — BA Loyola College, Université de Montréal,
1958 — MA McGill University
1961 — MLitt Oxford University
1971 — DPhil Oxford University


Keith Matthews Book Prize, Canadian Nautical Research Society (2005)
John Lyman Award, North American Society for Oceanic History (2004)
Keith Matthews Journal Article Prize, Canadian Nautical Research Society (1999) 
Clio History Prize, Canadian Historical Association (1999) 
Honorary Life Member, Canadian Historical Society (1981) 
Kerr History Prize, New York Historical Association (1974)

Selected publications


AcadiensisAmerican NeptuneCanadian Historical ReviewCanadian Papers in Business HistoryCanadian Papers in Rural History, Historical Papers, Histoire sociale-Social History, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Mariner's Mirror: Journal of the Society for Nautical Research, New England Quarterly, New York History, Northern Mariner: Journal of the Canadian Nautical Research Society, Nova Scotia Historical Review, Nova Scotia Genealogist, Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society.


Planter Nova Scotia 1760-1815: Cornwallis Township (2010)

Planter Nova Scotia 1760-1815: Falmouth Township (2010)

Planter Nova Scotia 1760-1815: Horton Township (2010)

Planter Nova Scotia 1760-1815: Newport Township (2010)

An Admiral/or America: Sir Peter Warren, 1703-1752, Vice Admiral o/the Red (2004)

Ashore and Afloat: The British Navy and the Halifax Naval Yard be/ore 1820 (2004)

Frigates and Foremasts. The North American Squadron in Nova Scotian Waters, 1745-1815 (2003).

Excessive Expectations: Maritime Commerce and the Economic Development of Nova Scotia, 1740-1870 (1998).

The Enterprising Admiral. The Personal Fortune of Admiral Sir Peter Warren(1974).

Editor of The Royal Navy in North America... 1736-52 (1973).

Co-editor of La Chute de Louisbourg...1745 (1978).

Editor of Nova Scotia Naval Office Shipping List, 1730-1820 (1982) 

Editor of American Manuscripts in the Gage Papers (1971)

Journal Articles 

"Nova Scotia's Experience of War, 1812-15" The Griffin. A Quarterly Publication of Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, 37 ( 2012), 13. 

"The Halifax Naval Yard before 1820" Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society, 5, (2009), 15-25.

"The Atlantic of Canadian Historians" International Journal of Maritime History, XXI (2009), 279-83.

"Joshua Mauger: The Man and the Myth, c.1712-1788" Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Journal, 7 (2004), 38-62. 

'The Mi'kmaq, Poor Settlers and the Nova Scotia Fur Trade, 1783-1853" Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, 14 (2004), 65-91.

"Female Litigants before the Civil Courts of Nova Scotia, 1749-1801," Histoire sociale-Social History, 37 (2003), 311-46.

"The Halifax Naval Yard and Mast Contractors, 1775-1815" Northern Mariner 12 (October 2001), 1-25.[CNRS's Keith Matthews Prize, 2002]

"Poseidon's Sphere: Early Naval History in Atlantic Canada" Acadiensis 31 (Autumn 2001), 152-63.

"The Culture of Work in the Halifax Naval Yard before 1820" Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Journal, 2 (1999), 118-44.

"Halifax Naval Yard Pay and Muster Books to 1820. A New Source for Nova Scotia Genealogists" Nova Scotia Genealogist, 17 (1999), 44-54.

"Apprentices Beware!: Researching and writing Local History in Nova Scotia: Review Article" Nova Scotia Historical Review, 16 (1996), 109-12.
"Tariffs, Trade and Reciprocity: Nova Scotia, 1830-1866" Acadiensis 25 (1996), 62-81. [with Marilyn Gerriets] 

The Parrsboro Shore-West Indies' Trade in the 1820s: Early Career of J.N.B. Kerr" Nova Scotia Historical Review, 13 (1993), 1-42.

"Nova Scotia's Shipbuilding and Timber Trade: David Crichton of Pictou and his Liverpool Associates, 1821-1840" Canadian Papers in Business History 2 (1993), 211-33.

"Wealth Distribution in Nova Scotia During the Confederation Era, 1851 and 1871" Canadian Historical Review 73 (1992),435-52 [with Fazley Siddiq].

"The Economics of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Review Essay," Histoire sociale-Social History, 25 (1992), 151-62.

"Golden Age or Bronze Moment? Wealth and Poverty in Nova Scotia: the 1850s and 1860s," Canadian Papers in Rural History, 8 (1992), 195-230.

"Imports and the Changing Standard of Living in Nova Scotia, 1832-1872," Nova Scotia Historical Review, 11 (1991),43-64.

"The Importance of Probate Inventories in Estimating the Distribution of Wealth," Nova Scotia Historical Review, 11 (1991), 103-17 [with Fazley Siddiq]. 

"The Use of Naval Power at the Two Sieges of Louisbourg: 1745 and 1758," Nova Scotia Historical Review, 10 (1990), 63-93. 

"Shipbuilding for the Royal Navy in Colonial New England," American Neptune, 48 (1988),22-30. [reprinted in Susan Socolow, ed. The Atlantic Staple Trade (Aldershot: Variorum -Ashga te, 1997)]

"'A Little Province Like This': The Economy of Nova Scotia Under Stress, 1812-1853," Canadian Papers in Rural History, 6 (1988), 192-225. 

"French and British in North America. Offerings to Clio, Some of Them Only Half-Burned: A Review Article," Acadiensis, 17 (1987), 170-88.

"Financial Revolution in Massachusetts. Public Credit and Taxation, 1692-1774," Histoire sociale-Social History, 17 (1984), 59-77. 

"Hopeful Travellers in Mid-Victorian Peel County: A Review Article," Histoire sociale-Social History, 15 (1982),522-7. 'The Impact of British Military Spending on the Colonial American Money Markets, 1760-1783," Historical Papers (1980), 77-99. 

"British Government Spending and the North American Colonies, 1740-1775," Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 8 (1980), 74-84. 

"Private Credit in Colonial New York. The Warren Portfolio, 1745-1795," New York History, 54 (1973), 268-93. [New York State Historical Association's Kerr History Prize, 1974]

"Prize Money and Rising Expectations. The Personal Fortune of Admiral Sir Peter Warren," His to ire sociale-Social History, 4 (1971), 84-101.

"Money Lending in New England. The Case of Admiral Sir Peter Warren and his Heirs, 1730-1805," New England Quarterly, 44 (1971), 117-34.

"An Incident on West Africa's Grain Coast, 1722, II Mariner's Mirror. The Journal of the Society for Nautical Research, 56 (1970),315-25.

"Untapped Sources for the Study of the French West Indies in the Eighteenth Century," Histoire sociale-Social History, 2 (1969), 112-3

"Moral Judgments in History," University of Ottawa Review, 34 (1964), 221-33. [Partly reprinted in Geoffrey Milburn, ed. Teaching History in Canada (Toronto: 1973), 90-3.]

Chapters in Books

"Shaped by the Soil: Were the Minas Basin Planters Successful Farmers?" in Stephen Henderson and Wendy G. Robicheau eds. The Nova Scotia Planters in the Atlantic World 1759-1830 (2012)

"Shaped by the Sea but Impoverished by the Soil: Chester Township to 1830," in Stephen Henderson and Wendy G. Robicheau eds. The Nova Scotia Planters in the Atlantic World 1759-1830 (2012)

"Comparative Economic Advantage. Nova Scotia and New England, 1720s to the 1860s" in Stephen J. Hornsby and John Reid, eds. New England and Atlantic Canada. Connections and Comparisons (2005)

"Women as Litigants before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1754-1830" in Philip Girard, Jim Phillips & Barry Cahill, eds. The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1754-2004: From Imperial Bastion to Provincial Oracle (2004)

"Disposal of Property in Women's Wills: Nova Scotia, 1750-1830" in Margaret Conrad & Barry Moody, eds. Planter Links. Community and Culture in Colonial Nova Scotia (2001)

"Capitalist, Merchants and Manufacturers in Early Nova Scotia, 1769-1791: The Tangled Affairs of John Avery, James Creighton, John Albro and Joseph Fairbanks" in M. Conrad, ed. Intimate Relations: Family and Community in Planter Nova Scotia (1995)

"Economic Fluctuations in Wartime Nova Scotia, 1755-1815" in M. Conrad, ed. Making Adjustments: Change and Continuity in Planter Nova Scotia, 1759-1800 (1991)

"Rum, Sugar and Molasses in the Nova Scotia Economy, 1770-1854," in James Morrison & James Moirera, eds. Tempered by Rum. Rum in the History of the Maritime Provinces (1988)

"The Royal Navy in North America, 1712-1776," in J. Black & P. Woodfine, eds. The British Navy and the Use of Naval Power in the Eighteenth Century (1988)

"The Irish in the Napanee River Valley, Camden East Township 1851-1881," in Robert O'Driscoll & Lorna Reynolds, eds. The Untold Story. The Irish In Canada (1988)

"The Irish In Eastern Ontario. The Social Structure of Huntley Township in Carleton County, 1851-1871," in Vrenia Ivanoffsky, ed. Exploring Our Heritage. The Ottawa Valley Experience, (1980)

"War and Economic Change: Louisbourg and the New England Economy in the 1740s," in P. Savard, ed. Melanges d'histoire de la nouvelle France et du Canada jranfais (1978)

"A.P. Thornton's British Imperial Policies in North America in the Eighteenth Century: A Comment," in Colloque sur les institutions coloniales dans les Ameriques au XVIIIe siecle (1974)

"Impact of Louisbourg on the Massachusetts Economy, 1745-1749," in D. Muise, ed. Papers and Abstracts for a Symposium on Isle Royale during the French Regime (1972)

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Articles

"Archibald McNab, 17th Chief of the Clan MacNab, 1781-1860," vol. 8 (1985)

"Admiral Sir George Cranfield Berkeley, 1753-1818," vol. 5 (1983)

"Sir William Johnson, Bart., 1715-1774," vol. 4 (1979)

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"Admiral Isaac Townsend, 1685-1765," vol. 3 (1974)

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Articles (2004)

 "Admiral Marriot Arbuthnot, 1711-94", vol. 2 

"Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, 1759-1839", vol. 12 

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Encyclopaedia Articles

"Great Britain: British Army in North America, 1660-1763" in Allan Gallay, ed. Colonial Wars of North America: An Encyclopedia (1996) 

"Archbald McNab, 1781-1860" Canadian Encyclopedia (1988; 2nd edition)

"Sir William Pepperrell" Canadian Encyclopedia (1988) vol. 3

"Sir Peter Warren" Canadian Encyclopedia (1988), vol. 4

Book Reviews

Some 232 reviews have been published in the following publications:
Acadiensis, American Historical Review, Archivaria, Canadian Historical Review, Canadian Journal of History, Canadian Slavic Review, Histoire sociale-Social History, International Journal of Maritime History, International History Review, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Journal of Military History, Labour-Le Travailleur, New York History, New-York Historical Society Quarterly, Northern Mariner, Nova Scotia Historical Review, Ottawa Citizen, Revue d'histoire de l'amerique franc;aise, University of Ottawa Review, William and Mary Quarterly.

Fields of Interest

  • History of the British Isles 1680-1980
  • The colonial era of American History
  • Pre-confederation Nova Scotia
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