Part-Time Professor

2010 – PhD, History, University of Ottawa
2004 – MA, History, University of Ottawa
1995 – BA, History, University of British Columbia

Work E-mail: hteslerm@uOttawa.ca

Hernan Tesler-Mabé



Courses Taught

(Winter 2017):

  • HIS1120B: What is Europe? History of Europe, 16th-20th Centuries
  • HIS2341A: History of Europe in the 19th Century


Areas of Interest

History of Modern Europe (19th and 20th Centuries); Modern Jewish History and Culture in Europe and the Americas; European Union and European Integration; Social and Cultural History; Music and History; Nationalism; History of the Holocaust


Biographic Profile

I see history as an exploration of the human condition and employ my areas of interest as a way of achieving a better understanding of the individual and their place within society. In terms of my areas of historical interest, I am devoted to the study of Europe in the modern era as well as how Jewish history has unfolded across the Diaspora (both Europe and beyond) in the modern period. I also regularly study nationalism as a historical and sociological phenomenon and foreground this in both my research and teaching. I am also deeply interested in the reciprocal relationship between culture and history and explore their mutual paths of impression. Coincidental with these ongoing areas of interest, I have of late been explicitly delving into the History of the Holocaust.

An alumnus of the University of Ottawa, I have been teaching at the University of Ottawa since 2009. I regularly teach courses that focus on modern Europe (HIS1120, HIS 2341, HIS2342, HIS3320) as well as senior undergraduate seminars devoted to my areas of interest. I have also taught HIS1111 as part of my ongoing engagement with the history of the modern world.


Selected Publications

  • Neither in Dark Speeches nor in Similitudes: Reflections and Refractions Between Canadian and American Jews. 300pp. Volume co-edited with Barry Stiefel. (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016)
  • “Performing Jewish?: Heinz Unger, Gustav Mahler, and the [Musical] Strains of German-Jewish Identity between Canada and the United States,” in Neither in Dark Speeches nor in Similitudes: Reflections and Refractions Between Canadian and American Jews. 31pp. (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016)
  • “A Mickey Mouse Kind of Europe: Representations of Europe in the Disney Narrative,” in The Journal of Contemporary European Studies, June 2016: 1-14.
  • “’Moving Forward Together’; Canada-Greece Relations since 1942,” produced for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) (2012). 16pp.
  • “The Union of Laughter and Forgetting? The European Union’s Construction of its Own History,” in Review of European and Russian Affairs, Volume 2, Issue 4 (2006): 8-28.
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