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Explore contemporary historical questions and delve into diverse socio-cultural worlds by browsing through our faculty's most recent research.

Theses and Memoirs

The Department of History has its own archives where theses and memoirs of our graduate students are stored.

The following list will show you the diversity of the research subject that is been done by the Department of History graduates. The present list is made available to you only as a reference tool. If you wish to consult a thesis (MA and PhD), please contact the Morisset Library, Special Collection.

The MA memoirs can be consulted on the spot only and strictly for research purposes. Please make an appointment with the academic assistant graduate programs.

N.B. The following lists represent the collection of theses and memoirs of our graduates that you can find at the Department of History. Unfortunately, they are incomplete and do not reflect the total of our graduates over the years. We apologize to our graduates who do not have their research project listed below.

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