Tips for a successful application

Follow closely the progress of your application

  • Make sure that your letters of recommendation are sent in time by the professors who agreed to write them.
  • Make sure that all your official transcripts from all the postsecondary institutions you attended are sent in time.
  • Check your e-mail regularly because our academic assistant will send you messages regarding the status of your application and if there are elements missing from your file.

Get to know us

Visit the page “Fields of interest of professors of the Department of History” to familiarize yourself with the specialty of each professor. This will help you determine a potential supervisor and will facilitate your choice of seminars

Do not hesitate to contact one or more professors to discuss your research topic and see how it can be integrated into the research interests of the Department’s faculty.

Statement of purpose (short description of your intended research project)

For applications in the master’s program, the statement of purpose (1 page) should include the following four elements:

  1. Research project: specify the national or thematic history as well as the periodization you wish to study. Identify your research goals as specifically as possible.
  2. Preparation: comment on your background preparation and your suitability to undertake this topic: i.e., language abilities (if required), courses and seminars taken during undergraduate training, or any personal research or experiences of note.
  3. If possible, indicate the names of professors who could be potential supervisors for your research.
  4. Comment on your relevant experiences (student exchange, work as a research assistant or museum/historical site guide, etc.) and explain any “anomaly” in your academic itinerary (e.g., low grades in one semester because of illness, time spent away from academia, etc.).

For applications in the PhD program, the statement of purpose (1 to 2 pages) should include the following four elements:

  1. Research project: provide a general outline of the intended research project (definition of topic, research hypotheses, historiography, sources).
  2. Preparation: comment on your suitability and preparation to study this topic: language abilities (if required), past academic training, personal research.
  3. Indicate the names of professors who could be potential supervisors for your research and specify if you have contacted them.
  4. Indicate if you have submitted applications to obtain graduate studies scholarships from relevant a gencies and, depending on result dates, if you have obtained them.

The candidates with an excellent academic record are recommended by the Department's graduate studies committee for an admission scholarship to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of the University of Ottawa. 

For more information, please contact the academic assistant – graduate programs at or at 613-562-5800, ext. 1297.

Required documents to be submitted

  • application
  • administration fee of $100 (CND)
  • two letters of recommendation
  • official transcripts of all the post-secondary institutions you attended
  • statement of purpose (short description of your intended research project).
  • Resume

For international students: official translation of transcripts, TOEFL.

Applications and supporting documents for our graduate programs starting in September should be sent to:

Office of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Arts 
c/o Graduate Programs –History
55 Laurier Avenue East, Room 8159 
Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 6N5


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