Student life

History Students Association (HSA)

The HSA represents the undergraduate students of the Department of History. It was formed to help students during their studies at the University. HSA can provide students with information on programs, courses and professors, and it organizes activities for students to have fun and make friends.

History Graduate Students Association (HGSA)

To get the most out of your experience as a graduate student at the University of Ottawa, get involved and meet other graduate students and Department staff. The HGSA provides an opportunity to do just that. An extremely important body, the History Graduate Students' Association represents the interests of all graduate students in the Department, including yours.

It is through the HGSA that you can be better informed about scholarships, events in the Department, policy affecting graduate students, departmental rules and regulations, the time and place of the next social activity or conference, and various other things.

Students, particularly incoming students, are the lifeblood of the association. Only these individuals can provide the ongoing support the HGSA requires to maintain and improve the quality of life for all students in the Department of History. To that end, we need your involvement.

The HGSA holds monthly meetings to discuss matters of interest, plan upcoming events, and convey information to members of the HGSA. The executive is composed of students representing both official languages, English and French. Also, we have representatives of the HGSA who attend and report on meetings of the University-wide Graduate Student Association (GSAED), the Departmental Assembly of the Department of History, the Undergraduate Committee, Conference Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department. Each of these people represents the interests of the graduate students, and provides important information to the HGSA.

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