Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Graduate Students in Law Association of the University of Ottawa (GSLEDD) Sixth Annual Conference will be held in Ottawa.


Date: May 11th, and May 12th, 2017

Location: University of Ottawa Main Campus, Fauteux Hall (Law Faculty)

Theme: “Law at the Tipping Point: Conflicts, Challenges and Changes”


We live in an age characterized by turbulent social, environmental, economic, and technological challenges. In the last year, we have witnessed events in relation to climate change, economic inequality, the vast movement of people, international and domestic conflicts, and the rise of the security apparatus, whose repercussions can be traced from the personal space to the international scenarios. Law is charged with shaping and responding to these changes and crafting solutions for the multitude of challenges they bring.


This conference brings together emerging scholars whose research involves how law addresses change, particularly in light of contemporary events and developments that unsettle historical legal certainties.


Participants: Students, Academics, Practitioners


Presentation proposals will be screened by an academic committee composed of uOttawa Faculty and Students for quality, originality, and thematic consistency. Students, Academics, Practitioners and all stakeholders with an interest in legal scholarship are invited to attend the conference.

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