Indigenous Star Knowledge Symposia: A series of local and international gatherings, on the land and on line

Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Organised by Ingenium in collaboration with the Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies at the University of Ottawa, and hosted on traditional Algonquin Anishnaabeg territory, this series of symposia (chosen on the dates of the Fall equinox, Winter solstice, Spring equinoxes and Summer solstice) will combine spiritual ceremony, presentations, activities and dialogue, both online and on the land.

Calendar and registration :

Video Recording from Dec 21 Event

Adisokan: Winter Solstice, Stars and Storytelling

Video recording from Sept 21 Event.

Fall Equinox: Protocols before Knowledge, Seasonal and regional themes, September 21, 2020

Video Recording from the April 28 Event

Spring Equinox Celebration with the Heiltsuk Nation

Video Recording from the June 22 Event

Summer Solstice, Celebration of Star Knowledge from Africa and Rapanui (Easter Island)


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