Assistant Professor

Work E-mail: p.ross-tremblay@uottawa.ca


Pierrot Ross-Tremblay is Essipiunnu (Innu Essipit or "Human of the Brook Shells River"). Sociologist, jurist and committed researcher, he holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Essex in Great Britain. His current work focuses on memory and forgetting, the expansion of indigenous intellectual and legal traditions and the self-determination practices of the First Peoples. His first book, Thou Shall Forget: Indigenous Sovereignty, Resistance and the Production of Cultural Oblivion in Canada (University of London Press), documents the Essipiunnuat's resistance struggle during the Salmon War in the 1980s as well as contemporary phenomena of psychological colonialism and cultural oblivion experienced by the group. He is also a poet - Nipimanitu - his first collection of poetry, has won the Indigenous Voices Awards 2019 for the best work of poetry published in French. Before joining the Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies, he was Chair of the Sociology Department at Laurentian University. He has worked for various Canadian and international organizations in the fields of human rights, conflict management and diplomacy.

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