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Indigenous Studies

The Faculty of Arts offers a major and a minor in Indigenous studies. Canadian society is awakening more and more to the enduring presence of Indigenous societies and cultures in its midst. These programs are designed to serve both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and scholars. The major provides a firm general-knowledge base while also focusing on Indigenous history, philosophy, religions, cultures and arts, and on the languages of Canadian and North American Indigenous peoples.

Graduates of the programs can play important roles both inside and outside of Canada's Indigenous communities.


What can I do with my studies in Indigenous studies?

Did you know? The main campus of the University of Ottawa is built upon the ancestral lands of the Algonquin Nation.


Brenda Macdougall



New option: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation
The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation option was thoughtfully crafted to cater to our makers, shakers and risk-takers!
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