Interested in learning what students think about voting reform in Canada? Or how key issues of concern are impacting the wellbeing of Indigenous students at uOttawa?This section includes a class submission to ERRES on voting reform as well as a Community Wellbeing Index (CWI) and related content on Indigenous student wellbeing

Community Wellbeing Index

Indigenous Community Wellbeing Index

Community Well-Being Index PDF

This research was conducted by students in ICAS’ third year Aboriginal Research Methods course, with the support of the Indigenous Students Association and an Advisory Committee that included a Traditional Knowledge Keeper and a uOttawa Aboriginal Education Council member, among others.  Students worked with the Indigenous student community at the University of Ottawa, as well as with other stakeholders, to identify key issues of concern for Indigenous students and to learn about how these issues may impact Indigenous student wellbeing.  The final products include a Powerpoint Presentation, StoryReport, and video.

Voting Reform

Voting Reform

Voting Reform PDF

In 2016, the Federal government of Canada launched a Special Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) to review options for reforming Canada’s federal electoral process.  This is a report that students in a first year Introduction to Canadian Studies course submitted in response to ERRE’s call for submissions from Canadians. 

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