What is a visitorship in Canadian and Aboriginal Studies?

Situated on unceded Algonquin Anishinabeg territory, the Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies (IIRS) provides research visitorships to Indigenous scholars and community researchers who wish to come to Ottawa to work on their projects. Although designed for sabbaticants, visitorships are also ideal for those holding research grants in Indigenous Studies, advanced PhD students, or for individuals producing teaching tools and/or building partnerships with and for Indigenous Peoples, communities, and nations. Located near Library and Archives Canada and an array of museums, the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies (IIRS) is the ideal place to produce scholarship exploring Indigenous self-determination, thereby redressing narratives created by and serving the Canadian state.

Beginning in September 2018, visitorship opportunities are available to Indigenous Peoples residing both in and outside of North America. Prospective visitors at the Institute should include information about their Indigenous heritage and community connections in their online application.

The Institute provides library privileges, computing facilities, technical support and university affiliation for the duration of your stay. Visitorships at the University of Ottawa normally range from two weeks to six months.

To apply for a research visitorship at theat the Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies (IIRS), please complete the online form and submit it to the Institute.

Registration form

Note that University of Ottawa policy requires that all foreign students, visitors or workers purchase the University Health Plan (UHIP) if they stay more than 21 days (about $70 a month). Upon your arrival, you must register at the Human Resources Service of the University of Ottawa (Room 019 in Tabaret Hall; telephone 613-562-5832). This is mandatory, regardless of what other personal insurance you may have.

After reviewing your online application, we will let you know if we can support your teaching and research activities as soon as possible.

Also consult the Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) Program.

Current and Future Visiting Researchers

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