Hilary Albracht, fourth-year student, Hamilton, Ontario

Why did you elect to study at the University of Ottawa?

I chose the University of Ottawa because I wanted to study French. Since the University is bilingual, like the City of Ottawa as a whole, I have the chance to speak French outside class.

What do you like best about your programs of study?

The French Program is ideal for Anglophones wishing to become fluent in French. I like the variety of courses available–the program goes well beyond grammar! The combination of courses offered in oral expression, writing, culture, literature and grammar is ideal for people
looking to become truly bilingual.

Can you describe the atmosphere that exists among undergraduates in your program?

As students in the French program, we all have the same goal of improving our French and we’re all at about the same level. This means we’re not embarrassed to participate in class, we know it’s okay if we make a mistake, and our profs encourage us in our studies. The
understanding atmosphere that reigns within the department helps us gain confidence in our second language.

What are your favourite places to study?

In the summer, I like studying outside. There are several places near the University where you can sit under a tree such as along the Rideau Canal, on the grass in front of Tabaret Hall, or in Strathcona Park in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood.


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