Faculty (since 2004)

2019 Shana Poplack, André-Laurendeau Prize, Acfas

2017 Shana Poplack, Doctor of Literature, Honoris Causa, University College Dublin

2014 Shana Poplack, Member of the Order of Canada

2014 Juana Muños-Liceras,  Professor of the Year Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa

2013 Marie-Hélène Côté, Professor of the Year Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa

2013 André Lapierre, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

2012 Shana Poplack, SSHRC Gold Medal for Achievement in Research (100,000$), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

2012 France Martineau, Excellence in Research Award, University of Ottawa

2011 France Martineau, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 2011

2011 Shana Poplack, National Achievement Award, Canadian Linguistic Association

2009 Shana Poplack, Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America

2008  André Lapierre, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

2008 Shana Poplack, Premier’s Discovery Award (Social Sciences and Humanities) (250 000 $), Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation

2007 Shana Poplack, Killam Prize (100 000$)

2007 Shana Poplack, Trudeau Fellowship Award, Trudeau Foundation (225 000$)

2005 Shana Poplack, Pierre Chauveau Medal, Royal Society of Canada 

2004 María Luisa Rivero, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

 Students (since 2004)

2021 Leila Ziamajidi, Bourse A. Lapierre

2020 Maryn Diiorio, Bourse A. Lapierre

2020 Tan Ta, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2019 Miaclaire Woodland, Bourse A. Lapierre

2019 Shuzhen Wang, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2018 Yasmine AbouTaha, Bourse A. Lapierre

2018 Yasmine AbouTaha, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2017 Ryan Winning, Bourse A. Lapierre

2017 Myriam Ducos, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2016 Basile Roussel, Bourse A. Lapierre

2016 Salvatore Digesto, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2016 Basile Roussel, Best student poster award (1st prize), NWAV 45 (New Ways of Analyzing Variation), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC. 'J'ai therefore je suis: a quantitative analysis of auxiliary alternation in Acadian French'

2016 Basile Roussel, Doctoral Excellence Research Award (2nd prize), Association for French Language Studies (AFLS)

2015 Salvatore Digesto, Bourse A. Lapierre

2015 Daiho Kitaoka, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2014 Suzanne Robillard, Bourse A. Lapierre

2014 Tharanga Weerasooriya, Bourse D.S.-Mullen

2014 Emily Sullivan, Summer internship, University of Alberta Research Experience Program, UAlberta Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics

2013 Santa Vinerte, 3rd place, poster competition, International Workshop on Bilingualism and Cognitive Control, Krakow, Poland, ‘Effects of Bilingualism on Cognitive Control in Stroop and ANT Tasks’

2010 Viktor Kharlamov, Best student talk, Annual meeting of theCanadian Linguistic Association, ‘Final devoicing & (in)complete neutralization: The role of task-specific factors’

2010 Nicté Fuller Medina and Joe Roy, Runner-up for best student paper, NWAV 39 (New Ways of Analyzing Variation), ‘A variationist approach to sex: Statistics and the construction of social meaning’

2009 Viktor Kharlamov, Honorable mention: Best student talk, Annual meeting of theCanadian Linguistic Association, ‘Speakers’ Notion of the Syllable: The Role of Statistical Factors in Onset Wellformedness’

2007 Bethany Lochbihler, Best student talk, Annual meeting of theCanadian Linguistic Association, ‘Mapping inversion: A morpho-syntactic analysis of the inverse system in Ojibwa’

2005 Christina Manouilidou, Best student talk, Annual meeting of theCanadian Linguistic Association, ‘Computation of thematic features in deverbal nouns: Probing the effect of the verbal root’

2005 Lidia Jarmasz and Martine Leroux, Cambridge University Prize for Best Student Paper, NWAV 34 (New Ways of Analyzing Variation), ‘A study about nothing: Null subjects as a diagnostic of convergence between English and French’

2004 Anousha Sedighi, Best student talk, Annual meeting of theCanadian Linguistic Association, Best student talk:, ‘Animacy: The overlooked feature in Persian’


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