Maria-Luisa RIVERO


Maria-Luisa RIVERO
Emeritus Professor, Department of Linguistics

1970 – PhD Linguistics, University of Rochester
1966 – MA Linguistics, University of Rochester

Room: MHN 417
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1776
Work E-mail:

Maria Rivero


Ongoing research

Syntax of Balkan, Romance and Slavic languages (SSHRC #410-2006-0150).

Courses taught

  • LIN2310 Introduction to Syntax
  • LIN3310 Syntactic Theory
  • LIN5917 Syntax I
  • LIN6917 Syntax II
  • LIN7910 Seminar in Theoretical Linguistics

Selected publications


Rivero, M. L. & A. Ralli, eds. (2001) Comparative Syntax of Balkan Languages. New York: Oxford University Press.

Forget, D., P. Hirschbühler, F. Martineau & M. L. Rivero, eds. (1997) Negation and polarity, Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Rivero, M. L. (1991) Las construcciones de relativo. Madrid: Taurus.

Rivero, M. L. (1977) Estudios de gramática generativa del español. Madrid: Cátedra.

Selected articles since 1992

Rivero, M. L. (forthcoming) Oblique subjects and person restrictions in Spanish: A morphological approach. In R. D'Alessandro et al., eds. Agreement Restrictions. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Rivero, M. L. (2005) Topics in Bulgarian morphology and syntax: a minimalist perspective. Lingua 115: 1083-1128.

Rivero, M. L. (2004) Spanish Quirky subjects, person restrictions, and the Person-Case Constraint. Linguistic Inquiry 35 : 494-502.

Rivero, M. L. & M. Sheppard (2003) Indefinite Reflexive clitics in Slavic: Polish and Slovenian. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 21: 89-155.

Rivero, M. L. (1997) On two locations for complement clitic pronouns: Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian and Old Spanish. In A. van Kemenade & N. Vincent, eds. Parameters of Morphosyntactic Change. London: Cambridge University Press, 170-206.

Borsley, R.D., M. L. Rivero & J. Stephens (1996) Long Head Movement in Breton. In R.D. Borsley & I. Roberts, eds. The Syntax of the Celtic Languages. London: Cambridge University Press, 53-74.

Rivero, M. L. & A. Terzi (1995) Imperatives, V-movement, and Logical Mood. Journal of Linguistics 31: 301-332.

Rivero, M. L. (1994) Clause structure and V-movement in the languages of the Balkans. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 12: 63-120.

Rivero, M. L. (1992) Adverb Incorporation and the Syntax of Adverbs in Modern Greek. Linguistics and Philosophy 15: 289-331.

Fields of Interest

  • Syntax (in the generative framework)
  • Comparative and historical linguistics
  • Romance and Slavic languages, languages of the Balkan region
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