Ph.D. theses


Kate Riccomini, 'The Syntax and Semantics of the Ojibwe Verbal Domain', Supervisor: Éric Mathieu


Abedalaziz Jaradat, 'The Syntax-Prosody Interface of Jordanian Arabic (Irbid Dialect)', Supersivor: Marc Brunelle

Keh Shen Lim, 'The Tonal and Intonational Phonology of Lhasa Tibetan', Supervisor: Marc Brunelle

Lyra Magloughlin,'/tɹ/ and /dɹ/ in North American English: Phonologization of a Coarticulatory Effect', Supervisor: Jeff Mielke

Gita Zareikar, 'The Distribution and Function of Number in Azeri', Supervisor: Éric Mathieu

Félix Desmeules-Trudel, 'Spoken Word Recognition in Native and Second Language Canadian French : Phonetic Detail and Representation of Vowel Nasalization', Supervisor: Tania Zamuner

Santa Vinerte, 'Effects of Bilingualism on Cognitive Control : Considering the Age of Immersion and Different Linguistic Environments', Supervisor: Laura Sabourin


Daryl Chow, 'The Intonational Structure of Singapore English', Supervisor: Marc Brunelle

Yoriko Aizu, 'Acquisition and Processing of Japanese Passives by Heritage Speakers and JFL Learners : Effects of Manner of Input and Early Age of Acquisition', Supervisor: Juana Munoz Liceras

Mélissa Chiasson-Léger, 'Étude sociolinguistique du français acadien du nord-est du Nouveau-Brunswick,' Supervisor: Stephen Levey

Abdulrahman Alamri, 'Phonological, Semantic and Root Activation in Spoken Word Recognition in Arabic : Evidence from Eye Movements', Supervisor: Tania Zamuner


Ekab Al-Shawashreh, 'Aspects of Grammatical Variation in Jordanian Arabic (JA)', Supervisor: Stephen Levey

Saleh AlQahtani, 'The Structure and Distribution of Determiner Phrases in Arabic: Standard Arabic and Saudi Dialects', Supervisor: Éric Mathieu

Daryl Chow, 'The Intonational Structure of Singapore English'

Laura Kastronic, 'A Comparative Variationist Approach to Morphosyntactic Variation in Hexagonal and Quebec French', Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Nicté Fuller Medina, `Language Mixing in Northern and Western Belize: A Comparative Variationist Approach', Supervisor: Juana Munoz-Liceras

Yukiko Yoshizumi, 'A Canadian Perspective on Japanese-English Language Contact', Supervisor: Stephen Levey


Sophia Stevenson, 'The Strength of Segmental Contrasts: A Study on Laurentian French', Supervisors: Marie-Hélène Côté and Tania Zamuner


Ewelina Frackowiak, 'Understanding Situation and Viewpoint Aspect in Polish through Dative Anticausative Constructions and Factual Imperfectives', Supervisors: Maria-Luisa Rivero and Ana Arregui

Alexandra Hansch, ‘Germanic properties in the left periphery of Old French: V-to-C-movement’, Supervisor: Éric Mathieu

Allison Lealess, ‘J’ai tout le temps eu de misère: A Variationist study of adverb placement in Quebec French’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Peter Milne,  ‘The variable pronunciation of word-final consonant clusters in a force aligned corpus of spoken French’, Supervisor: Marie-Hélène Côté

Fereshteh Modaresi, ‘Bare nouns in Persian: Interpretation, grammar, and prosody’, Supervisors: Rob Truswell and Manfred Krifka (Humboldt U)

Joseph Roy, ‘The perfect approach to adverbs: Applying variation theory to competing models’, Supervisor: Stephen Levey


Christie Brien, ‘Neurophysiological evidence of a second language influencing lexical ambiguity resolution in the first language’, Supervisor: Laura Sabourin

Reza Falahati, ‘Gradient and categorical consonant cluster simplification in Persian: An ultrasound and acoustic study’, Supervisor: Jeff Mielke


Pouneh Shabani Jadidi, ‘Processing compound verbs in Persian’, Supervisors: Ana Arregui and Nina Kazanina

Viktor Kharlamov, ‘Incomplete neutralization and task effects in experimentally-elicited speech: Evidence from the production and perception of word-final devoicing in Russian’, Supervisor: Marie-Hélène Côté

Sonia Pritchard, ‘A cross-language study of the production and perception of palatalized consonants’, Supervisor: Jeff Mielke


Galina Dukova-Zheleva, ‘Questions and focus in Bulgarian’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Peyman Nojoumian, ‘Developing an automatic diacritizer for the Persian language based on Xerox finite state transducer technology’, Supervisors: Paul Hirschbühler and Diana Inkpen 

Keren Tonciulescu, ‘Licensing conditions for indefinite pronouns in Modern Hebrew’, Supervisors: Ana Arregui and Éric Mathieu


Dana Geber, ‘Romanian dative clitic Dependencies in raising constructions’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Ladan Hamedani, ‘The function of number in Persian’, Supervisor: Éric Mathieu

Marie-Claude Séguin, ‘Catégorisation acoustique des voyelles moyennes antérieures arrondies en français laurentien’, Supervisors: Marie-Hélène Côté and Ian MacKay

Marie-Claude Tremblay, ‘Comparing the perceptual abilities of monolinguals, bilinguals and multilinguals: A combined behavioural and event-related potential experiment’, Supervisors: Ian MacKay and Laura Sabourin


Keiko Kaku, ‘Acquisition of telicity in L2: A psycholinguistic study of Japanese learners of English’, Supervisors: Juana Muñoz-Liceras and Nina Kazanina

Abdulaziz Hassan Zaid Najmi, 'Clause structure in the development of child L2 English of L1 Arabic’, Supervisor: Juana Muñoz-Liceras

Nikolay Slavkov, ‘The acquisition of complex Wh-questions in the L2 English of Canadian French and Bulgarian speakers: Medial Wh-construction, inversion phenomena, and avoidance strategies’, Supervisors: Juana Muñoz-Liceras and Nina Kazanina

Rok Zaucer, ‘A VP-internal/resultative analysis of 4 ‘VP-external’ uses of verbal prefixes’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler 


Chiu-Hung (Stephanie) Chen, ‘Chinese relativization: Ordering at the syntax-phonology interface’, Supervisor: Éric Mathieu

Seham Ali Elashhab, ‘EFL reading strategies of main idea comprehension and identification: Awareness and use of Arabic speaking university students’, Supervisors: Eta Schneiderman and Martine Peters (Université du Québec en Outaouais)

Mouna Ennamsaoui, ‘L’alternance locative en arabe marocain et en arabe standard’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler


Carmen LeBlanc, ‘Le futur périphrastique dans le français parlé : une question d’habitude’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack


Karim Achab, ‘Internal structure of verb meaning: A study of verbs of (change of) state in Tmazight (Berber)’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Christina Manouilidou, ‘On the processing of thematic features in deverbal nominals’, Supervisors: Eta Schneiderman and Eva Kehayia (McGill University)

Eiman Mustafawi ‘An Optimality theoretic approach to variable consonantal alternations in Qatari Arabic’, Supervisor: Marie-Hélène Côté


Boutheina Lassadi, ‘The syntax and semantics of optional wh-movement: The case of Egyptian Arabic’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Abdessatar Mahfoudhi, ‘Morphological and phonological units in the Arabic mental lexicon: Implications for theories of morphology and lexical processing’, Supervisors: Purushottam Patel and Eta Schneiderman

Sheila Scott, ‘The second language learning of Irish relative clauses: The morphology/syntax interface’, Supervisors: Helen Goodluck and Juana Muñoz-Liceras

Anousha Sedighi, ‘Subject-predicate agreement restrictions in Persian’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero


Rodica Diaconescu, ‘Romanian application constructions’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Alphonse Kabano, ‘Le pronom personnel sujet de la troisième personne : grammaticalisaton, réanalyse et variation dans le parler d’Ottawa-Hull’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack


Olga Arnaoudova, ‘Focus and Bulgarian clause structure’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Elizabeth Da Silva Malvar, ‘Future temporal reference in Brazilian Portuguese: Past and present’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Alona Soschen, ‘On subjects and predicates in Russian’, Supervisor: Maria Luisa Rivero


Gerard Van Herk, ‘Message from the past: Past temporal reference in Early African American correspondence’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack


Ahmad Moinzadeh, ‘An antisymmetric, Minimalist approach to Persian phrase structure’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero


Reza Ghafarsamar, ‘Aspects of second language speech: A variationist perspective on second language acquisition’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Stéphane Goyette, ‘The emergence of the Romance language from Latin: A case for creolization effects’, Supervisor: Konrad Koerner

James A. Walker, ‘Present accounted for: Prosody and aspect in Early African American English’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack


Margareta Ling, ‘Topics in the acquisition of complex constructions in German’, Supervisor: Helen Goodluck

Marjory Meechan, ‘The Mormon drawl: Religious ethnicity and phonological variation in Southern Alberta’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Vera Lucia Posnik Roloff, ‘Foreign language reading comprehension: Text representation and the effects of text explicitness and reading ability’, Supervisor: Philip Hauptman

Shahla Raghibdoust, ‘Comprehension and grammaticality judgement in Persian-speaking agrammatics’, Supervisor: Eta Schneiderman

Danijela Stojanovic, ‘Parsing and acquisition: Evidence from Serbo-Croatian’, Supervisor: Helen Goodluck


Svitlana Budzhak-Jones, ‘Single-word incorporations in Ukranian-English bilingual discourse: Little things mean a lot’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Angélique Kotsopoulos, ‘Errors in recalling sentences as an indicator of processing deficits and reading impairment in children with psychiatric disorders’, Supervisor: Eta Schneiderman


Ejike Eze, ‘Aspects of language contact: A variationist perspective on code switching and borrowing in Igbo-English bilingual discourse’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack

Michèle Foley, ‘Case: The realization and interpretation of a relational feature’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler


Subhadra Ramachandran, ‘A conceptual semantics account of negative polarity licensing: A study of the any expression’, Supervisor: Jean-Marc Authier

Louise Schieberl Manga, ‘An explanation for ergative versus accusative languages: An examination of Inuktitut’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler

Badia Zerhouni, ‘Reading in LI, L2, and FL: A variable-treatment study’, Supervisor: Philip Hauptman


Zéphirin Comlan Tossa, ‘Adjonctions et séries verbales dans les langues GBE’, Supervisor: Jean-Marc Authier


Darlene La Charité, ‘The internal structure of affricates’, Supervisor: Douglas Pulleyblank

Lisa A. Reed, ‘Non-truth-conditional aspects of meaning and the level of LF’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler


José Lema, ‘Licensing conditions of head movement’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero

Hedy Mcgarrell, ‘Markedness and the acquisition of preposition pied-piping and stranding; A longitudinal perspective’, Supervisor: Philip Hauptman

Daming Xu, ‘A sociolinguistic study of Mandarin nasal variation’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack


Patricia Anne Balcom, ‘The emergence of syntax: The acquisition of transitivity’, Supervisor: Purushottam Patel

Sali Tagliamonte, ‘A matter of time: Past temporal reference verbal structures in Samaná English and the Ex-slave recordings’, Supervisor: Shana Poplack


Johanne S. Bourdages, ‘Parsing gaps: Evidence from French’, Supervisor: Helen Goodluck

France Martineau, ‘La montée du clitique en moyen français : une étude de la syntaxe des constructions infinitives’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler

Tiina K. Randoja, ‘The phonology and morphology of Halfway River Beaver’, Supervisor: Elan Dresher


Marie Labelle, ‘Prédication et mouvement : le développement de la relative chez les enfants francophones’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler


Yee-Kim Szeto, ‘A semantic description of aspectual and temporal reference in Chinese’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler


Alana Johns, ‘Transitivity and grammatical relations in Inuktitut’, Supervisor: María Luisa Rivero


Dana Mullen, ‘Issues in the morphology and phonology of Amharic: The lexical generation of pronominal clitics’, Supervisor: Elan Dresher

Jan Van Voorst, ‘Event structure’, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler


Ann Stuart Laubstein, ‘The nature of the ‘Production Gramma’ syllable’, Supervisor: Purushottam Patel

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