Posted on Monday, January 1, 2018

Visual Arts - Skin

Gallery 115 Presents:
January 31 - February 09, 2018
9 am to 5 pm

Vernissage: Thursday February 1st 2018

Gallery 115
600 Cumberland

One of the most prevalent themes found throughout the canon of art history is figure painting. Artists have used the body as a site for expression using a variety of approaches. While Nancy, Alexander and Ginny depict the body differently, there is a common ground in how they use the body as a site for deconstructing traditional notions by looking at the body as narrative, the body as an aesthetic subject, or the body seen within the canon of art history.

Nancy’s works open a new dialogue by responding and recontextualizing to cultural notions and pre-existing images found in popular culture, creating new spaces. Alexander focuses on narratives of masculinity in conjunction with personal narratives to explore non-traditional notions of representation and the ways male identity can be informed, shaped, or constructed by affect and affective response. As a female painter, Ginny looks to subvert the patriarchal traditions in the canon of art history, addressing the gender inequality to create a new dialogue surrounding the works while simultaneously looking to bring attention back to the virtuosity and impactful nature of traditional European paintings.

By destabilizing the traditions of the body based in art history and media, they provide new methods for the viewer to explore and interact with the artwork and open a new dialogue within art history. Additionally, the identity of the artist is at play in how they individually relate to the paintings, either using the work as a way of exploring their own identity or to find ways to situate themselves within the artistic community. With these concepts, sk(in) merges these ideas together and provides a new look on the body as depicted within the notions of contemporary art practice.

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