Le son de l'ère est froid (The Cold Sound of the Era) - a sound installation

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Une invitation vers un voyage sonore sur un lac gelé

As part of uOttawa's Snow Festival and in collaboration with the Department of Theatre, L'eau du bain presents:

LE SON DE L'ÈRE EST FROID (The Cold Sound of the Era)

A sound installation

In the park in front of Tabaret Hall and Academic Hall (550 Cumberland)

February 5, 7 and 8 from 2pm to 9pm

February 9 from 2pm to 5pm


To book your 15-minute time slot and avoid the line, go to www.eaudubain.com.

From the University of Ottawa campus, the L'eau du bain collective invites you to an excursion on frozen Lake Saint-Jean. Le son de l’ère est froid (The Cold Sound of the Era) is an installation, a fishing cabin where the solitary spectator will find himself immersed in a haunting sonar landscape, one whispering with the sounds and people from another time and place.

The cabin is brought to life via a network of hidden audiosensors, transporting each visitor into another world - where they embark on a fifteen minutes journey across a vast and frozen landscape, one isolating each individual in the confines of their own intimacy.

After Montreal, Mons (Belgium), Quebec City and Alma, the cabin is making its last stop in the nation's capital!

To book your 15-minute time slot and avoid the line, go to www.eaudubain.com.

Press Review

“It causes us to question our presence of being, to immerse ourselves in a place, to be in harmony with ourselves, to listen with a more attentive ear, to better understand the environment around us. (…) Le “Theatre de l’hospitalité” of L’Eau du Bain takes us from our comfort zones (unheimlich).”

Michaël Lachance, Inter Magazine - contemporary art, issue 120, May 2015.

Created with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres and Québec and the Canada Research Chair in Sound Dramaturgy.

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