Fields of interest of professors


May TELMISSANY - PhD, University of Montréal

  • Arab cinema and culture
  • Intercultural relations and transnationalism
  • Cultural and Transcultural Studies
  • Literary theory
  • Film theory



Sufeng XU - PhD, McGill University

  • Classical Chinese poetry
  • Classical and vernacular Chinese fiction
  • Gender and Women’s writing
  • Intellectual history in imperial China 



Paul W. BIRT - PhD, University of Wales, Bangor

  • Modern Welsh Literature
  • The Welsh in Argentina
  • Early Celtic Narrative



Joerg ESLEBEN - PhD, University of Rochester

Research Interests

  • German and comparative culture studies
  • Intercultural studies
  • Theatre

Agatha SCHWARTZ - PhD, Queen's University

  • Women's studies and gender studies
  • 20th and 21st century German literature and culture
  • Central and East European literature and culture



Cristina PERISSINOTTO - PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Italian studies
  • Utopia
  • The Italian renaissance
  • Travel discourse and narratives

Franco RICCI - PhD, University of Toronto

  • Contemporary Italian literature and aesthetics
  • Narrative discourse and visual representation
  • Italian contemporary culture



Joana PIMENTEL - PhD, Carleton University

  • Portuguese language
  • Didactics of Portuguese as a second language
  • Comparative literature




  • Russian literature and culture

Richard SOKOLOSKI - PhD, University of Toronto

  • Polish language and literature
  • Russian Literature


Emeriti / Retired

J. Douglas CLAYTON - PhD, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Russian romanticism
  • Pushkin
  • Chekhov
  • Russian theatre since 1895

Andrew DONSKOV - PhD, University of Helsinki

  • Russian languages and literatures
  • Tolstoy
  • Doukhobors



Luis ABANTO - PhD, University of Ottawa

  • Second Language Pedagogy
  • Latin American literature and culture

Rosalia CORNEJO-PARRIEGO - PhD, Pennsylvania State University

  • Contemporary Spanish literature (narrative)
  • Literary theory
  • Gender and cultural studies
  • Contemporary Latin-American literature

Jorge Carlos GUERRERO - PhD, University of Toronto

  • Latin American intellectual history and cultural production
  • Comparative studies between Brazil and Spanish America

Gaston LILLO - PhD, University of Montreal

  • Latino American literature and cinema

James NELSON NOVOA - PhD, Universidad de Valencia

  • Medieval and Early Modern Spanish and Portuguese culture
  • Conversos and the Sephardic diaspora

Juana MUNOZ-LICERAS - PhD, University of Toronto

  • Language acquisition
  • Spanish and general linguistics
  • Psycholinguistics, contrastive and descriptive grammar

Elena VALENZUELA - PhD, McGill University

  • Spanish linguistics
  • Second Language Acquisition


Emeriti / Retired

Fernando DE DIEGO PÉREZ - PhD, University of Montreal

  • XXth Century Spanish Peninsular Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • XXth Century Spanish and Latin-American Women Writers
  • Theatre Discourse

José Ruano DE LA HAZA - PhD, University of London

  • Spanish literature
  • History of theatre
  • Textual criticism


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