Professors in world litteratures in cultures

  • Birt, Paul, Associate Professor
    Modern Welsh Literature; the Welsh in Argentina; early Celtic Narrative; Language revitalization; Linguistic geography; Language legislation
  • Blair, Jennifer, Assistant Professor
    Canadian literature and cultural studies; Critical theory; Literature and architecture
  • Brissette, Anne-Marie
  • Cao, Huhua, Full Professor
    Urban and regional dynamics; francophone urban space; chinese community in Canada; regional development of Asia; planning and development of chinese metropolitan areas; geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Cardinal, Linda, Full Professor
    Citizenship debates; relationship between law; history and politics, issues of modernity and identity Québec; Ireland and United Kingdom; governance of minority languages; Canada-Europe; francophones outside Québec; women and minorities; history of political ideas in Canada
  • Cornejo-Parriego, Rosalia, Full Professor
    Contemporary Spanish literature (narrative); literary theory; gender and cultural studies; contemporary Latin-American literature
  • Esleben, Joerg, Associate Professor
    The works of Georg Forster (1754-1794); cultural relations between Germany and India; Weimar cinema; Faust
  • Florez-Malagon, Alberto, Associate Professor
    Culture and power; cultural studies and cultural history; postcolonial and subaltern studies
  • Grandena, Florian, Associate Professor
    Contemporary french cinema in the french republican context and the new global order; french / francophone queer cinema; impact of digital technology on film aesthetics and narrative
  • Grutman, Rainier, Full Professor
    Bilingual writers and multilingual writing (involving combinations of French, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German), self-translation (in Canada, Spain and Belgium), the poetics and politics of intertextuality - in particular in the Romantic era
  • Guerrero, Jorge Carlos, Assistant Professor
    Latin American intellectual history and cultural production
  • Hotte, Lucie, Full Professor
    Théories de la réception; littérature franco-ontarienne; littérature québécoise contemporaine
  • Imbert, Patrick, Distinguished University Professor
    Analyse du discours : presse, littérature; violence et pouvoir; études canadiennes : culture; postmodernisme; littérature québécoise : XIXe et XXe siècles; littérature française : XIXe et XXe siècles; littérature comparée, René Girard et sa validité dans le cadre des démocraties libérales, du portmodernisme et de l'économisme
  • Lagacé, Martine, Associate Professor
    Méthodes de recherches quantitatives en communication, communication interculturelle : cultures et conceptions du vieillissement : le défi de la communication, communication interpersonnelle : rôles et répercussions des stéréotypes et de la discrimination, communication organisationnelle : identité, vieillissement et âgisme et travail, désengagement psychologique, estime de soi, communication intergénérationnelle
  • Laliberté, Andre, Full Professor
    Identity and nationalism; politics and religion; politics of China and Taiwan; welfare regimes in East Asia
  • Levey, Stephen, Associate Professor
    Urban dialectology, sociohistorical linguistics, first language acquisition from a variationist perspective, language contact
  • Lillo, Gaston, Associate Professor
    Latin American literature and cinema
  • Makaryk, Irene, Full Professor
    Shakespeare; Comparative literature
  • Margolis, Rebecca, Associate Professor
    Canadian Yiddish culture; Yiddish language and literature; Canadian Jewish history
  • Martineau, France, Full Professor
    Syntaxe française; histoire de la langue française; philologie française et québécoise; sociolinguistique; discours épistolaire et identitaire
  • Mayne, Seymour, Full Professor
    Canadian literature; Modern poetry; Creative writing; Comparative literature
  • Meerzon, Yana, Associate Professor
    Theory of drama and performance; cultural and interdisciplinary studies; russian drama and theatre
  • Merkley, Paul, Full Professor
    Medieval and Renaissance music; film music; 20th century music; history of music theory; religion and music; medieval studies; patronage of music; the business of music
  • Murthy, Viren, Adjunct Professor
    Modern Chinese intellectual history; modern Japanese intellectual history; Marxism and historiography
  • Nahon-Serfaty, Isaac, Associate Professor
    Health Communication; Public Relations and Institutional Communication; International Communications; Discourse and Public Policy
  • Nelson Novoa, James, Assistant Professor
  • Perissinotto, Cristina, Associate Professor
    Italian studies; Utopia; the Italian Renaissance; Italian women in cinema; Feminist theory and philosophy
  • Ricci, Franco, Full Professor
    Contemporary Italian literature and aesthetics; Narrative discourse and visual representation; Italian contemporary culture
  • Ruano-De-La-Haza, Jose, Emeritus Professor
    Spanish literature; Theatre studies; Renaissance poetics
  • Schwartz, Agatha, Associate Professor
    Literature of the 20th century; women's literature; gender studies; German and Central Europe culture
  • Simon, Scott, Associate Professor
    Political and legal anthropology; development; East Asian studies
  • Sioui, Georges, Full Professor
    Metahistory and history of Aboriginal peoples; Aboriginal philosophy and spirituality; Aboriginal/Indigenous education; Canadian studies
  • Sokoloski, Richard, Associate Professor
    Polish language and literature; Russian literature
  • Stacey, Robert, Associate Professor
    Canadian literature
  • Sugars, Cynthia, Associate Professor
    Canadian Literature; Postcolonial theory; Psychoanalysis
  • Telmissany, May, Associate Professor
    Arab cinema and culture; contemporary Arab literature; literary theory; film theory; intercultural relations and multiculturalism; Arab Canadian Studies
  • Valenzuela, Elena, Assistant Professor
    Language acquisition ; Bilingualism and heritage languages ; Hispanic linguistics
  • Veronis, Luisa, Associate Professor
    The formation and contestation of immigrant identities and communities in and through space/place; the transnational experiences of Latin American immigrants in Canada; neoliberal governance and citizenship formation, the impacts of neoliberal restructuring on the nonprofit sector; especially immigrant NGOs
  • Von Flotow, Luise, Full Professor
    Literary translation; gender and translation; audiovisual translation; Canadian studies
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