Asian Studies

Asian Studies


Chinese languages, with more than 1.3 billion speakers, represent the world’s largest linguistic community, while Japanese is the language of one of the world’s largest economy. Besides Chinese and Japanese language courses at all levels, this program also features topics in Asian culture, literature, history, religion, philosophy, anthropology, politics and development. It is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of Asia’s multi-faceted role in the contemporary world and of its historical and cultural transformations. Students are encouraged to participate in summer programs in China and Japan as well as to engage in volunteer opportunities offered through the Centre for Global and Community Engagement of the University of Ottawa.

Undergraduate Program

Minor in Asian Studies


Examples of Possible Combinations 

  • Geography and Asian Studies 
  • History and Asian Studies 
  • Philosophy and Asian Studies 

Program-specific Admission Requirements

Students with prior knowledge of Chinese or Japanese must take a placement test to determine their level of proficiency and whether they are exempt from certain language courses.

Career Opportunities 

  • Immigration Settlement Liaison Officer
  • Multiculturalism Project Officer
  • Multiple occupations in Diplomatic Service, Foreign and Cultural affairs
  • Interpreter
  • Terminologist
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
  • This program is a major asset in the international marketplace.
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