Latin American Studies

Latin American languages and cultures


The minor in Latin American Studies provides a comprehensive understanding of the cultures, histories, languages and societies of a region that has roughly five hundred million people, as well as close and growing ties to Canada. This program presents a unique chance to discover a new and exciting field of studies, expand your knowledge base by acquiring insights into the multiple facets of Latin America, gain intercultural and multidisciplinary competence, and become well acquainted with the polyphonic discourse of this immense region of the world. You have the opportunity to study Latin America from the perspective of multiple disciplines thanks to interdepartmental and interfaculty courses, conferences, discussion groups and cultural activities.

Undergraduate Program

Minor in Latin American Studies


Examples of Possible Combinations

Modern Languages and Latin American Studies
History and Latin American Studies
Geography and Latin American Studies
Globalization and International Development and Latin American Studies
Spanish and Latin American Studies

Program-specific Admission Requirements

Students with prior knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese must take a placement test to determine their level of proficiency and whether they are exempt from certain introductory courses.

Career Opportunities

  • Researcher
  • Immigration Settlement Liaison Officer
  • Multiculturalism Project Officer
  • Positions in foreign affairs and diplomacy
  • Interpreter or Translator
  • Many positions in tourism
  • Cultural or International Adaptation Specialist
  • Terminologist
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
  • These programs are a major asset in the international marketplace.
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